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Aerosol Products

Superior Industries is proud to present a line of aerosol products suited to both personal and tough industrial use— from clearing kitchen drains to lubricating high temperature industrial conveyor equipment. Our aerosol cans effectively and evenly transport high-quality formulas for accurate, pinpointed treatment.

Browse our aerosols to discover excellent products for maintaining homes, schools, hotels, apartments, hospitals, and restaurants, such as electronics cleaners for computers and keyboards, drain cleaners, stone countertop polish, door and window track lubricants, and even a spray for rejuvenating chalkboards and dry-erase boards. Keep Superior Industries aerosols on hand to prevent and treat stains, clogs, and squeaks.


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For outdoor use—landscaping, grounds maintenance, lawn maintenance, and maintaining public walkways—try our aerosol weed killer or soil sterilant, or our non-slip epoxy coating for foot and wheeled traffic. We also have an excellent line of rust converters, removers, and preventative coatings for metal structures such as fences and gates, as well as locks, wrought iron furniture, and lawn equipment. Aerosol sprays conveniently and efficiently treat hard-to-reach spaces and are easy to transport.

Keep up your physical and operations plant with our bench maintenance and lubricating aerosols, excellent for maintaining a safe, efficient, and clean environment. Try our aerosol penetrating oil, adhesive spray, decal remover, gasket maker, or coil and fin cleaner. Our top-notch safety products can ensure a highly-visible reflective surface or non-slip coating to eliminate possible hazards involving foot or light traffic on slick surfaces. Aerosol sprays such as foam sealants, waterproof coatings, and leak repair can effectively block out bad weather or moisture to prevent future damage in attics, basements, garages, storage facilities, and air ducts.

Manufacturing environments, even high-temperature mills and plants, can also benefit from our industrial aerosol products, from food-grade lubricating oil to cutting oil and mould releases. Spray on chain lubricants, high temperature paints, and Teflon® lubricants with accuracy for long-lasting penetration and coverage at bakeries, paper mills, production and assembly lines, and factories.

Our aerosol products also offer superior automotive car, including aerosol treatments for leather or vinyl and a sound-deadening undercarriage treatment. These sprays are ideal for garages, mechanics, and auto detailing and restoration.