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Instant Rust Converter

RustCon 500


Converts Oxide Into A Phosphate | Stops Future Rusting

One step rust neutralizer and metal primer


  • No major surface preparation required.
  • Eliminates need for scraping or sand blasting.
  • Prevents rust.
  • Non-flammable when dry.
  • Forms a tough, resistant, black coating.
  • May be painted over, after curing, if desired

Description :  

A one step rust converter and corrosion neutralizing spray. Chemically neutralizes rust on metal surfaces. Converts rust to a tough, black, long term protective coating. Prolongs the life of any ferrous metal. Can be painted over after allowing to cure. Safe, easy to use. 


No messy clean-up required, Excellent for treating spot rust, Quick reaction time, Paintable after curing

Rust Converter Eliminates RustRustCon 500 Treats Up To 28 Sq. Ft. Per Can

A leading rust treatment product and phosphatizer, RustCon 500 is the product of choice for treating rusted metal surfaces. This rust converter actually converts rust from an oxide state into a phosphate. As a phosphatizer, it actually changes the composition of rust and prevents reformation. The resulting finish can be painted with a suitable product. This rust treatment totally eliminates the need for scraping and sanding.

RustCon 500 saves time and money by eliminating major labor costs from sandblasting or by other mechanical methods. In addition, after using this rust treatment, no additional coating is necessary. This easy to use product is packaged in convenient to use aerosol cans and eliminates mixing and clean up.

RustCon 500 is excellent for treating metals that are corroded from salt spray or harsh chemicals. When loose rust is evident, a wire brush is recommended. This removes areas of rust that have become mostly detached from surface.

For Use By

Municipalities, Utilities, Industrial plants, Refineries, Fleet Operations, Chemical Plants, Paper Mills, Shipyards, Park Departments, Equipment Overhaulers, A/C & refrigeration companies

For Use On

Bottling & Packaging Equipment, Tanks, Pipes, Valves, Fittings, Motor Housing, Metal Casting, Fences, Parking Meter Posts, Playground Equipment,  Agricultural Equipment, Construction Equipment, Docks & Ships, Guard Rails

Rust Converter Eliminates RustThis rust converter is used widely by industrial manufacturing facilities, fertilizer plants, chemical processing plants, poultry  processing facilities, marine maintenance companies, textile dyeing plants and many others where constant corrosion and rust are present. In the farming and agricultural industry, equipment exposed to fertilizers constantly require a process to address rust problems. RustCon 500 has proven to be the most effective treatment for converting and eliminating rust on these types of expensive equipment.

Metals that have been treated with RustCon 500 have tremendous resistance to future rust and corrosion and exhibit a black glossy finish. This rust converter and rust treatment provides long term protection against future rust and eliminates the constant need for other rust treatments. Where spot treatment is needed, RustCon 500 is the product of choice as target areas can be treated with excellent results.

This unique phosphatizer rust treatment produces excellent results on cast iron and steel and is widely used with great results on I Beams in construction. When painting over the finished surface of RustCon 500, an oil based type product is recommended. 

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