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Non Toxic Dry Silicone

Sila-Kote 100


Temperatures From -40°F (-40°C) to 450°F (232°C)

Metal – Rubber – Plastics – Ceramics – Aluminum

Safe On Painted Surfaces - USDA Approved

Available In 5 Gallon Containers

 Sila-Kote 100 is a heat stable, dry silicone film that is engineered for food packaging plants and the food processing industry. It is a pure silicone spray that leaves a rich lubricant for moving parts to help reduce production line jams. It is heat stable from -40°F (-40°C) to 450°F (232°C). It is a dry, non-staining, and fast drying food grade Silicone. Sila-kote 100 dry silicone formula prevents production slow down by eliminating costly down time. This food grade silicone can also be used on non-food surfaces such as ovens and grills to prolong run time and prevent sticking.

Sila-Kote 100 is safe on plastics and is Non-Chlorinated making it ideal for scrambler tables, conveyors, freezing trays, baking tins, cooking coils, heat sealing and slicing equipment. It is used by food processing professionals such as meat and poultry plants, packaging and processing plants as well as bottling operations. Simply spray on any dry surface, wait 60 seconds and a pure silicone film is deposited lubricating all moving parts.


Meat Plants ♦ Dairies ♦ Poultry Processors ♦ Container Molding Operation ♦ Grocery Stores ♦ Packaging Plants ♦ Bottling Plants


Scrambler Tables ♦ Guide Rails ♦ Ovens Slicing Equipment ♦ Heating and Sealing Equipment ♦ Construction ♦ Conveyors

Sila-Kote 100 is a specially developed and engineered high viscosity food grade lubricant that prevents sticking without transferring to end products. Sila-Kote 100 is recommended for ice cream machines, knives, cutting tables, conveyor systems, canneries, feed racks, and much more. This heavy duty food grade silicone lubricant aids in the prevention of rust and corrosion. Sila-Kote 100 coats and lubricates moving parts made from rubber, plastic, vinyl, metal and other materials. It protects against carbon build up and helps prevent grease adhesion. It is the highest performance silicone lubricant on the market today. It is Ideal for all types of food industry applications including food transportation, food packing, food processing and production. This fine silicone spray keeps production lines moving.

Sila-Kote 100 lubricates and prevents corrosion to keep materials freely moving. Bins, Chutes, Glides, Assemblies and other conveyor systems need Sila-Kote 100 to reduce work stoppage.

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