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Aerosol Selective Weed Killer

Triple Threat


Reach for Triple Threat when you need effective, safe, and easy control of broadleaf weeds that infiltrate your turf. This aerosol selective weed killer specifically targets over 140 varieties of broadleaf weeds— including clover, nettle, ragweed, dandelion, and poison ivy— with a highly visible foaming spray that covers weeds evenly. Triple Threat will not harm an established turf or ornamental shrubs and plants.

- Kills Broadleaf Weeds

- Leaves Grass Unaffected

- Easy to Use Foam Spray

Triple Threat kills a wide range of broadleaf weeds, including weeds that regularly cause headaches for gardeners, homeowners, and landscapers: poison ivy, dandelions, and nettles. Because Triple Threat’s unique formula works its way down to the plant’s roots, painful or frustrating weed pulling is no longer necessary.

Triple Threat has been specifically designed to tackle broadleaf weeds with its combination of MCPP, 2,4-D and 2,4-DP non-volatile amino salts for complete weed control management. As a selective herbicide, Triple Threat only attacks weeds, leaving turf, ornamental flowers and shrubs healthy and unaffected. This makes our aerosol selective weed killer perfect for maintaining manicured lawns, pristine golf courses, or clean and clear driveways and walkways. Triple Threat is not recommended for clover, St. Augustine, Lippia, and Dichondria lawns

Ideal For Lawns

Easy to Use…

Triple Threat delivers a highly effective, selective herbicide in an aerosol foam spray—a rare combination in lawn maintenance! The ready-to-use aerosol weed killer offers pinpoint precision and easy accuracy through its high-intensity actuator and inverted trigger, directing a steady stream of foam exactly where you want it to go. As a white foaming spray, Triple Threat covers weeds with high visibility, taking the guesswork out of coverage by letting you see what has already been sprayed. This prevents overuse and waste and ensures that Triple Threat accurately and adequately covers invasive broadleaf weeds.

Use Triple Threat to Maintain: Lawns • Patios • Golf Courses • Parks • Parking Lots • Driveways • Sidewalks • Walkways • Trails • Curbs

When applied to the center of the plant, this selective weed killer works to the root, killing the weed within several days and causing visible leaf curl within several hours. One application of Triple Threat knocks out most types of weeds on the first try. If necessary, a second application can be applied within 30 days without harming the surrounding vegetation.

This aerosol selective weed killer is a fantastic product for homeowners, landscapers, and maintenance crews. Keep Triple Threat on hand for fast, easy-to-use, and highly effective control of broadleaf weeds in the lawns and landscaping that you prize most.

Kills Over 140 Types of Broadleaf Weeds Including….

Alder ♦ Artichoke ♦ Aster ♦ Bedstraw ♦ Beggartick ♦ Biden ♦ Bindweed ♦ Bitterweed ♦ Blue vervain ♦ Box elder ♦ Broomweed ♦ Buckhorn ♦ Bur ragweed ♦ Burdock ♦ Burweed ♦ Buttercup ♦ Carpetweed ♦ Catnip ♦ Chickweed ♦ Chicory ♦ Cinquefoil

♦ Clover ♦ Cockle ♦ Cocklebur ♦ Coffeebean ♦ Coffeeweed ♦ Creeping jenny ♦ Croton ♦ Curly indigo ♦ Daisy ♦ Dandelion ♦ Dock ♦ Dogbane ♦ Elderberry ♦ Fleabane ♦ Garlic mustard ♦ Geranium ♦ Goldenrod ♦ Gumweed ♦ Hawkweed ♦ Healall ♦ Hemp

♦ Henbit ♦ Honeysuckle ♦ Horsetail ♦ Ironweed ♦ Jewelweed ♦ Jimsonweed ♦ Knawel ♦ Knotweed ♦ Lambsquarter ♦ Lettuce ♦ Locoweed ♦ Lupine ♦ Mallow ♦ Marshelder ♦ Milkweed ♦ Morningglory ♦ Mugwort ♦ Mustard ♦ Nettle ♦ Oxalis ♦ Parsnip

♦ Peppergrass ♦ Pepperweed ♦ Pigweed ♦ Plantain ♦ Poison hemlock ♦ Poison ivy ♦ Poison oak ♦ Pokeweed ♦ Povertyweed ♦ Primrose ♦ Puncture vine ♦ Purslane ♦ Ragweed ♦ Rush ♦ Smartweed ♦ Sneezeweed ♦ Sorrel ♦ Speedwell ♦ Spurge ♦ Spurweed ♦ St. Johnswort

♦ Stinkweed ♦ Stitchwort ♦ Sumac ♦ Sunflower ♦ Tarweed ♦ Thistle ♦ Tumbleweed ♦ Velvet leaf ♦ Veronica ♦ Vervain ♦ Vetch ♦ Virginia creeper ♦ Wild carrot ♦ Wild garlic ♦ Wild rape ♦ Willow ♦ Yarrow

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