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Auto Undercoat & Sound Deadener

Seal Tite #66


Super Thick Black Rubberized Coating | Muffles Sound & Vibration

Useful For Rust-Proofing

Seal Tite #66 is the solution to unwanted noise and vibration. This premium, durable auto undercoat and sound deadener forms a super thick coating that easily muffles sound and acoustically reduces unwanted vibration. Not only does Seal Tite #66 function to reduce obnoxious vibration and sound, it also performs the task of protecting auto underbodies from corrosion caused by the harshest of elements. Seal Tite #66 protects metal parts from harm caused by salt, sand, water, road chemicals, and other road grime. This rapid drying, tough black sealant can even keep rust from forming on metal parts.

Protects Auto Underbodies From:

• Salt • Sand • Water
• Road Chemicals • Road Grime

The best auto undercoat and sound deadener available today, Seal Tite #66 goes on thick and sets up quick. Even in the bitter cold of winter, this rubberized film stays pliable. And you better believe that it won’t melt, drip, or sag when the toughest heat of summer rolls around. Seal Tite #66 is formulated to resist peeling, cracking, wear, and abrasion. It is a non-chlorinated, flexible black coating and it is paintable when dry.

Stays Pliable In Winter | Won’t Melt, Drip, Or Sag In Summer

 This multi-purpose rubberized aerosol undercoating can be used on undercarriages, fenders, frame rails, quarter panels, welded joints, door panels, rocker panels, firewalls, splash pans, lower body panels, trunk decks, repaired sections, hoods, decks, wheel wells, and more. Seal Tite #66 is ideal for use by garages, auto and diesel repair shops, taxi companies, machine shops, construction companies, lawn and garden shops, plumbers, car dealers, boat manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, truck fleet maintenance, aircraft maintenance, heat and air conditioning maintenance, public transportation maintenance, general contractors, industrial machinery manufacturers, and sports and recreation clubs.

Seal Tite #66 can be used wherever a versatile rubberized coating would be helpful in providing outdoor protection against abrasion and corrosion, simultaneously muffling sound caused by too much vibration. Some alternate uses for this auto undercoat and sound deadener include: ductwork, metal sinks, piping, fence posts, downspouts, gutters, eaves, and mirror roof repairs. 

Used By:

• Garages • Auto And Diesel Repair Shops • Taxi Companies • Machine Shops • Construction Companies • Lawn & Garden Shops • Plumbers • Car Dealers • Boat Manufacturers • Equipment Manufactures • Truck Fleet Maintenance • Aircraft Maintenance • Heat & Air Conditioning Maintenance • Public Transportation Maintenance • General Contractors • Industrial Machinery Manufacturing • Sports & Recreation Clubs

 Other Uses Include:

• Ductwork • Metal Sinks • Piping • Fence Posts • Downspouts • Gutters • Eaves • Mirror Roof Repairs

Instructions: We recommend that you read all instructions for this product prior to use. Do not use if the temperature of the can is below 60°F (15.5°C). Before applying, shake heartily until you can hear the agitator ball inside moving freely for one full minute. During application, re-shake can occasionally. Make sure the application surface is dry and clean before spraying the auto undercoat and sound deadener. To apply, spray Seal Tite #66 unto the surface by using short, even strokes from a distance of 12 to 14 inches (30.5 to 35.5 centimeters) away. This product is best applied in several thin coats as opposed to one heavy coat. Note that after each use it is important to invert the can and release a short burst in order to clear the actuator. 

Seal Tite #66 does not contain chlorinated solvents, 1,1,1-Trichloroethane, Hexane, or CFC’s.

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