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Instant Condensate Drain Cleaner

Purgex NCL


Unstops Condensate Drain Lines Instantly

Safe & Easy To Use

Unclog your condensate drains quickly and easily with Purgex NCL, an aerosol treatment designed especially for HVAC condensate drain lines. This high-pressure spray flushes algae and other sludge particles from drain lines with a safe, natural formula—no harmful solvents or vapors. Purgex NCL quickly penetrates to the root of the problem while leaving behind a pleasant citrus smell, bringing you an instant condensate drain cleaner that can’t be beat.

Keep Purgex NCL on hand for regular HVAC maintenance. Perfect for homeowners, janitorial services, HVAC technicians, and maintenance and operations staff at schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and industrial plants.

Keeps Drain Lines Clear

As fungus, algae, and other particles grow in condensate drains and form slime and deposits, water backs up in HVAC pipes and collects in condensate pans. This clogging can cause leaking around pipes and A/C units, leading to water damage, increased humidity in the home or workspace, and even increased growth of mold and mildew. Clear drain lines can keep the quality of air high by reducing odors and spores. And now preventing water damage and the spread of allergens can be quickly accomplished with Purgex NCL. Purgex NCL can also save you a service call (and valuable time and money!) and the hassle of disassembling your HVAC unit. Maintain your A/C unit’s drain lines, unstop clogs, and enable it to run at its peak efficiency with the use of this instant condensate drain cleaner.

Easy to Use

Purgex NCL is packaged in 20 ounce spray cans (16 ounce net weight) with an 18” clear extension tube. The extended tube and high-pressure spray injects the instant condensate drain cleaner closer to the source of the stoppage for easy, liberal application where you need it most.

Purgex NCL immediately begins attacking algae, sludge, and other matter for fast-acting penetration. After a few minutes Purgex NCL breaks down clogs and blockages that can be easily flushed out of the drain pipes. Periodic application of this instant drain cleaner can help maintain a free-flowing drain and prevent future leaks and damage.

This easy-to-use spray solves condensate drain maintenance with a user-friendly one-step process for homeowners and industry professionals alike.

Easy on the Environment

In addition, this instant condensate drain cleaner contains no chlorinated solvents or petroleum distillates, no harmful vapors, and no caustic or acids. Purgex NCL is a biodegradable solution that will not harm pipes, plumbing, or HVAC systems.

This makes Purgex NCL not only efficient, but also safe to use around the house, office space, or in environments where chemical or solvent odors could be harmful or unwanted. As Purgex NCL fights noxious odors caused by bacteria and mildew it leaves behind a fresh citrus fragrance rather than harsh chemical smells.

This environmentally friendly product works with you to maintain safe, clean air and efficient cooling systems. Reach for Purgex NCL for an excellent, effective condensate drain cleaner well up to the task of declogging your A/C unit’s drains and ensuring cleaner air quality in one easy application.

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