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Heat Dissipating Gel & Flame Retardant



Absorbs and Isolates Excessive Heat During Brazing
Protects Heat Sensitive Components
Clear, Non-Drip Formula
Evaporates and Leaves No Residue

If you’re looking for a top quality heat sink to protect controls, valves, and surrounding areas during brazing, soldering, and welding, look no farther than FGR-5199. Use this heat dissipative gel to protect heat sensitive parts and lengthen the life of your components. This clear heat dissipating gel and flame retardant sprays on fast, clings securely, and conveniently and thoroughly evaporates after the job is done.

This aerosol gel spray absorbs and dissipates excessive heat, preventing costly damage wherever torch heat transfer and heat damage is a concern. FGR-5199 is safe, non-toxic, free of odors, and is not harmful to skin. It goes on fast and so you can keep the job moving forward, preventing heat transfer to copper tubing and the like while keeping painted and finished surfaces from becoming discolored due to excess heat.

Use on: heat sensitive components ♦ painted/finished surfaces ♦ valves ♦ controls ♦ rubber seals and gaskets ♦ aluminum ♦ brass fittings ♦ sheetrock ♦ insulation ♦ wood ♦ and more!

Clear in color, non-staining, and non-residue forming, this aerosol flame retardant successfully manages unwanted heat during soldering or high temperature brazing. Brazing – the process of bonding two metal surfaces using a melted alloy filler with a lower melting temperature (copper, zinc, aluminum, nickel, etc.) – can damage surrounding metal components like valves and gaskets if they are not properly protected. FGR-5199 is specially designed for high performance in exactly these settings so you can join, form, and fix without concern. You can be confident when applying this heat dissipating gel and flame retardant that you’re getting the job done right today without creating more work for yourself tomorrow.

Apply during: brazing ♦ soldering ♦ welding

Because of its gel formulation, this heat dissipating gel and flame retardant stays in place and is drip-free. FGR-5199 is truly a piece of cake to apply: just shake and spray directly on surface and surrounding areas. Simply reapply as desired throughout the job to ensure continued protection from heat transfer and resultant damage. This product eliminates the need for using heat blankets and saves you time on cleanup because it simply evaporates off the surface and leaves no residue.

FGR-5199 is available in 2, 6, 12, and 24 can cases for your convenience. Cans are 20 oz. each (16 oz. net weight). Contains water (7732-18-5), acrylic polymer (n/a), nitrogen (7727-37-9). Note that, like most spray can products, FGR-5199 may explode if heated as it contains pressurized gas. This product should be kept away from flames, heat, hot surfaces, and sparks.

Application instructions: Shake thoroughly before applying. Spray onto desired application surface and coat completely. Reapply during the job as needed to ensure continued protection. Odorless and safe for contact with skin. No clean up necessary.

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