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Aerosol Open Gear Lubricant

Trak Lube II


Will NOT Sling Off, Drip, Melt, Dry Out or Build Up Between Gear Teeth

Temperatures From 0°F To 230°F (-17°C To 110°C)

A super tough, adhesive type lubricant which penetrates deep into gears, cables and heavy duty mechanisms. Thickens quickly to a tacky, black stringy lube. Provides a Molybdenum Disulfide shield which maintains a cushion of lubricant between gear teeth and other friction-producing surfaces. Absorbs high shock loads, extreme pressure and prevents chipping and scuffing. Forms a protective, water-resistant coating that prevents corrosion in outdoor and even in under water applications.

Formulated to Stay Tacky

Becomes Tacky QuicklyNon-ToxicDual Spray ValveNon-AcidNon-CorrosiveProlongs Gear and Equipment Life

Re-Lubricates with each gear revolution

For Use On

Passenger and Freight ElevatorsMining EquipmentConstruction Equipment FireplacesDredging and Earth Moving EquipmentTextile and Steel Mill MachineryOffshore Drilling RigsDrag LinesCranesTug BoatsWinchesMarine Equipment

Jet Stream Application for Hard-to-Reach Areas  -  Fan Spray for Uniform Film

Trak Lube II is an aerosol open gear lubricant and is recommended for use on all open gear applications. This open gear lubricant product has excellent resistance to throw off and slinging. It is recommended for use on open gears where high pressures can be extreme. This lubricant for exposed gears is fortified with anti oxidation and anti corrosion additives.

Open gear lubricant Trak Lube II has tremendous resistance to heavy shock loads as well as hot and cold temperatures. Trak Lube II extends equipment life and prevents costly downtime due to improper lubrication. In addition, this open gear lubricant has proven to be most effective on construction equipment such as draglines, open gears, wire rope and other applications where a waterproof and clinging type lubricant is required.

Trak Lube is extremely tacky and will not sling off or run off of high speed open gears or any exposed gear where proper lubrication is required. As a lubricant for exposed gears, Trak Lube is totally impervious to water and salt water spray. It can also be used with confidence where heavy shock loads are present. This product has proven to be an excellent choice for mining equipment where lubrication is most important and equipment life must be extended and are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Trak Lube II with its synthetic additives has proven to outlast other products and to prevent equipment failure in the most demanding applications. This convenient to use aerosol open gear lubricant has shown excellent results when used in high temperature, low temperature and in all abnormal conditions.

Trak Lube II aerosol open gear lubricant is the product of choice when lubricating exposed open gears on equipment that requires constant plating of lubricant and where expensive equipment life must be achieved, thus eliminating expensive repair costs and eliminating costly downtime.

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