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Instant Acting Penetrating Oil

Liquid Torque 101


Fast Acting • Easy To Use

Only the most innovative and fastest acting penetrating oil ever developed, Liquid Torque 101 works to freeze and shrink rusted or corroded metal, allowing oil to deeply infiltrate threads and crevices. Liquid Torque 101 truly solves the problem of stuck nuts, rusted bolts, and seized parts with a powerful lubricant packed in an easy-to-use aerosol spray can.

Flash Freezes & Shrinks Metal • Unlocks Bound Parts

If you tackle tough bolts, rusted engine studs, and frozen hinges, look no further for a fast, effective penetrating oil. Liquid Torque 101 quickly freezes rusted or corroded metal, causing metal shrinkage and microscopic cracks in the rust in seconds.

The low viscosity of this instant acting penetrating oil then enables it to seep into invisible cracks and threads and get down to work. Liquid Torque 101 loosens and lubricates bound areas to allow for removal or repair within 30 seconds.

The unique freezing compound of Liquid Torque 101 makes this product much more than a simple lubricant—rapid temperature change adds muscle to this penetrating oil for a product that truly lives up to its name. Liquid Torque 101 was designed to tackle heavy rust and corrosion as a first-in-class product. 

For engine repair ♦ For automobile restoration ♦ For maintaining heavy equipment ♦ For industrial areas ♦ For repairs in marine environments ♦ For home repairs and remodeling ♦ For repairing bicycles ♦ For metal pipes & couplings

Keep Liquid Torque 101 On Hand:

Use Liquid Torque 101 on any seized metal part, including engines, hinges, heavy machinery, metal pipes, nuts and bolts, studs, pins, and rotating or sliding parts. As an innovative compound, this instant acting penetrating oil significantly reduces the need to use hammers, wrenches and drills to remove rusted bolts— not to mention eliminating the need for cutting wheels and torches.

And because Liquid Torque is tough on corrosion—not metal—it can be used for minor repairs such as stuck locks and frozen clamps. We’re certain that Liquid Torque 101 will become your reliable go-to solution for dismantling seized metal parts in difficult-to-reach locations.

30 Second Response Time • Available in 16 OZ Aerosol Cans

Not only will Liquid Torque 101 save you significant time, energy, and frustration by loosening bound parts, this product will continue to protect treated metal against future corrosion. As an instant acting penetrating oil, Liquid Torque 101’s properties naturally coat newly unseized parts with a long-lasting shield against rust. With Liquid Torque 101, you can save yourself time in the future and even salvage rusted hardware.

In addition, Liquid Torque 101’s innovative formula is nonchlorinated and has a low VOC content for lower environmental impact and health risks, giving you a cleaner, safer product. Liquid Torque is available only in aerosol cans, packaged in a 16 ounce can size with a 9 ounces of net weight.

Note: Some applications where long term seizure exists, may require several applications of Liquid Torque.

Stuck bolts • Rusted nuts • Frozen locks • Corroded pins • Metal pipesCorroded studs • Frozen hinges • Bounds parts • Sliding metal parts Corroded threads • Rotating parts • Seized mechanisms

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