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Multi-Use Aerosol Instant Leak Repair



Instant Leak Repair, Long Term Protection, Gutters, Roofs, RV

Industrial Grade Elastomeric Coating

Available In 3 COLORS

Perma-Seal can be applied to any surface to provide a waterproof, flexible, permanent rubber coating that stops leaks and forms a barrier against moisture and prevents rust and corrosion. After applying Perma-Seal, the surface becomes impervious to humidity, mold and fungus. Perma-Seal is fast drying and will NOT Crack or Peel under extreme Temperatures.

Stops Leaks Instantly Waterproofs WeatherproofsStops Pond Liner Leaks Dries In 15 minutes or less Prevents Mold & Mildew May Be Painted When Cured Water Proofs Metal

Instant Leak Repair Available In 3 Colors

Extremely Flexible, Elongation up to 500% No Mess - No Clean-Up With Convenient 24 Ounce Size Aerosol Available In 3 Colors- White, Grey and BlackEach Can Covers Approximately 20 Square Feet

Use On: RoofsGuttersPVCFlashingsUnderlaymentRoof Top Cooling UnitsSwamp CoolersShinglesRace TrailersCement CracksFoundationsCooling TowersDuctsPan CoatingShedsRV’sConcrete BlockSheet MetalCracked Drain TilesDrip PansDryWall

Perma Seal is the most effective instant leak repair product on the market today. This aerosol elastomeric coating is designed to stop leaks instantly and provide a waterproof coating. The product will stop leaks and provide long term leak protection wherever it is used. Perma Seal never hardens or becomes brittle and can be used successfully in a variety of applications. Perma Seal can be used for stopping leaks on gutters, cooling towers, residential roofs, RV roofs, trailers, mobile homes, barns, sheds, commercial buildings and industrial manufacturing facilities. It is excellent for stopping leaks around flashings, vent pipes, air conditioning units, skylights, parapet walls and many other surfaces.

Instant Leak Repair For Trailers, RV

Perma Seal aerosol instant leak repair is an excellent waterproof coating product for waterproofing concrete block, masonry panels and other below grade surfaces. This product will bond to most surfaces including metal, aluminum, brick, fiberglass, concrete and has excellent adhesion to plastics. Perma Seal can be reinforced using a polyester mesh material where larger areas must be repaired and where leaks must be stopped. The use of a poly mesh helps bridge gaps in larger holes.

Perma Seal dries rapidly and can be applied in multiple coats when desired. This instant leak repair sealer is available in grey, black and white. Each can covers approximately 20 to 25 square feet. In addition, Perma Seal has outstanding elongation properties at up to 500%. No other waterproof coating or instant leak repair product can compare. Even in areas where expansion and contraction occur, Perma Seal will not crack, become brittle or delaminate from surface. The elasticity characteristics are truly unique making this product ideal where expansion and contraction occur.

Stops Leaks on Roofs, RVs, Trailers, Sheet Metal, PVC. etc

Waterproofing Concrete Block can be easily accomplished with Perma Seal. This instant moisture and leak sealer is excellent for waterproofing above and below grade masonry and will stop moisture seepage. The product should be used on outside of masonry surfaces where moisture originates.

Perma Seal is considered a permanent instant leak repair product and is also recommended for stopping leaks on drip pans associated with heating and air conditioning units. Perma Seal has shown exceptional results for inhibiting rust and corrosion where constant leaking has caused extensive damage. With drying times in the 15 minute range, Perma Seal has proven to be the product of choice for stopping leaks where other products fail.

When comparing the cost of Perma Seal aerosol elastomeric coating to what roofing contractors may charge, the savings can be substantial. Perma Seal is also excellent for coating areas where pitting has occurred and tiny pinholes exist. This instant leak repair sealer will bridge those areas and provide long term protection from further leaking.

Instant Leak Repair For Trailers, RV

In addition, Perma Seal is an excellent choice for repairing flashings on roof top cooling/heating units. In commercial applications where these type units are found and are commonly worked on, repaired or replaced, this is the only product which can instantly stop leaks.

The elastic properties of this aerosol instant leak repair product have shown to be the product of choice for repairing leak areas subject to expansion and contraction. In areas where larger holes exist from rust and corrosion, DVC-1500 poly mesh can be supplied for any leak repair project. When choosing a product for the repair of leaks and moisture seepage, Perma Seal waterproof coating and aerosol instant leak repair should be your first choice.

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