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Transparent Anti-Corrosion Film



Temporary or Long Term Protection

Flexible & Easily Removed 

The finest anti-corrosion and anti-rust film available, Si-722 will certainly meet your metal parts protection needs. This semi-hard film is long lasting and actually seals metal parts against rust and corrosion. Corrosion causes metal parts (most frequently steel and iron) to rust and disintegrate, resulting in a loss of millions of dollars per year. In order for rust to form, metals have to react with moisture in the air, and the rate at which this reaction happens is dependant on many factors, including how much salt is present in the surrounding environment. So, for instance, when metals are exposed to moist, salty air such as near oceans, rust and corrosion are the natural outcomes. But thanks to Si-722, your metal parts don’t have to be exposed to corrosion any longer! Si-722 is able to protect metals in conditions where they are exposed to harsh weather, high humidity, chemical fumes, and/or salt spray. Because no other transparent anti-corrosion film delivers better than this one, Si-722 is the product of choice for use in industrial plants, metal molds, and oil rigs, off shore platforms etc. 

Seals Metal Against Corrosion and RustLong LastingEasily Removable

TransparentTemperature Range: -40°F to +175°F

Si-722 is a long-term coating that will adhere to almost any clean metal surface. Although it is a long lasting film, Si-722 offers the added benefit of being easily removable if desired. When dry, this flexible, non-tacky film forms a translucent-amber coating, allowing identification coding to still be easily seen through the film. This transparent anti-corrosion film is both non-chlorinated and ozone safe, and is highly effective over a wide temperature range (-40°F to +175°F). 

 Use On:

Offshore Drilling Parts, Offshore Maintenance, Oil Rig Maintenance, Outdoor Airport Ground-Handling Equipment, Maintenance Crews, Mill Crews, Milled Parts, Schools and Universities, Large Molds, Parts In Transit, Parts In Storage, Any Other Metal Part Needing Temporary Sealing Against Corrosion

This transparent anti-corrosion film is a one-step solution to your fight against corrosion and rust – and to add to its already numerous benefits, this coating is also dirt and dust-resistant. And you can bet that when you use Si-722 to protect your metal parts, it won’t flake, chip, crack, or peel. Now here’s a product you can use with confidence!

For our customers’ convenience, Si-722 is packaged in both easy-to-use aerosol cans and 5 gallon pails. To apply the transparent anti-corrosion film, add a thin coat to any clean and dry metal surface. If protection against especially severe elements is desired, add a second coat a few minutes after the first. The semi-hard, protective film will be completely set after drying for about two hours. To remove the film, simply use a safety solvent.(Important safety note: Si-722 is an extremely flammable aerosol spray and should be handled as such and stored in a cool, dry area away from heat or open flame. Si-722 is designed for industrial and institutional use only and should not be stored at temperatures above 120 degrees F.)When the best protection against rust and corrosion is needed, Si-722 is the clear choice; protecting your metal parts doesn’t get any easier than this.

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