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Moisture Displacer For Electronics

Si #26


Penetrates | Lubricates | Seals

39,000 Volt Dielectric Strength 

Formulated for professional use, Si #26 is a penetrating liquid which effortlessly displaces moisture in wet electrical systems. Si #26 creates a thin, waterproof film which protects parts against corrosion while helping to restore proper current flow. This non-flammable liquid is safe to spray on electrical equipment which is running or energized, as it provides a high dielectric strength of 39,000 volts. Si #26 is ideal for use on: electrical equipment, engine parts, tools, motors, gears, bearings, generators, starters, relays, running lights, distributors, and seat adjustment mechanisms.

Hundreds Of Automotive Uses

A professional quality demoisturizer, Si #26 quickly dries out electrical equipment and performs the critical task of preventing moisture induced short circuits and electrical discharge. Using Si #26 in order to preempt the occurrence of short circuits can save you time and money in the future by removing the hassle and expense of down time and difficult electrical system repairs. This non-drying moisture displacer for electrical systems is also able to restore electrical current to equipment that has been damaged by water. 

Use On:

Electrical EquipmentEngine PartsTools Motors Gears Bearings Generators Starters Relays  Running Lights Distributors Seat Adjustment Mechanisms  

Used By:

Utility CompaniesAuto Mechanics Servicemen Marine Repair Refineries Industrial Plants Trucking  Shipping Railroads Oil Fields Construction Heavy Equipment Companies

Si #26 is able to penetrate through water, displace the water, and then lock out moisture. This moisture displacer for electrical systems cleans as it penetrates and functions as a long-term lubricant because it never dries. Due to its exceptional lubrication qualities, Si #26 can also be used to free frozen fittings.

Si #26 forms a protecting film which actually seals parts against atmospheric corrosion as well as mild chemical corrosion. Guarding your electrical systems from the elements will go a long way toward insuring the longevity of your equipment; Si #26 is formulated to be a guarding film which will keep corrosion at bay. Because of its excellent demoisturizing and corrosion inhibiting properties, this moisture displacer for electrical systems is highly recommended for use by utility companies, auto mechanics, servicemen, marine repair, refineries, industrial plants, trucking, shipping, railroads, oil fields, construction, and heavy equipment companies.

Si #26 is  available in both 16 ounce aerosol cans and 5 gallon containers.  This moisture displacer for electrical systems includes extension tubes so that you can demoisturize even those hard to reach areas with greater ease and accuracy. Si #26 is non-chlorinated and does not contain any chlorinated solvents (including 1,1,1,-trichloroethane, perchloroethylene, and methylene chloride).

Instructions For Displacing Moisture: Make sure the object is clean and is not covered in oil, grease, or other debris. If using the aerosol Si #26, spray on until equipment is completely saturated. Allow the liquid to penetrate before you attempt to restart, then re-apply the product to protect the surface. Re-apply periodically in order to ensure adequate protection. If using the 5 gallon Si #26, apply it as a spray, brush it on, or use it in a dip tank. Allow any wetted-out rusted parts to remain in the solution for a few minutes. Keep the container closed at all times to guard against contamination or evaporation.

Instructions For Freeing Frozen Nuts And Bolts: Apply Si #26 generously to the frozen nuts and bolts as well as to any hinges and sliding / rotating parts. Allow the liquid to penetrate into the threads and then work the parts back and forth. Re-apply Si #26 to leave a never-dry film that will protect and lubricate the electrical equipment.

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