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Wrought Iron Rust Treatment



Treatment Kit Converts Rust & Stops Future Rusting For Years

Make Wrought Iron Look New Again

Entrance Gates Support Posts Outdoor Furniture Fences Hand Rails Doors Security Easy To Use Prevents Future Rust Long Term

A rust treatment kit designed especially for wrought iron, “Restore” rust treatment consists of two products which convert existing rust from an oxide state into a phosphate. A special zinc coating is applied next which enhances rust protection for up to 7 years. Rust X Converter, included with each kit is sprayed on all areas where rust exists on wrought iron. This rust conversion is achieved thru a special chemical process and actually changes the surface composition. Where loose or hanging rust exists, it is recommended a wire brush be used. This process helps create a more solid surface whereby Rust X Converter provides optimum results. 

After Rust X Converter has dried thoroughly, Zin Kote 601, included in each kit, is applied to the wrought iron. Zin Kote 601 is a pure zinc coating and stops future rusting for a minimum of 5 to 7 years. After Zin Kote 601 has been applied and allowed to cure thoroughly, an enamel paint of choice can be used to achieve color requirements. An oil based or latex based enamel is recommended and should be applied within 24 hours after using the “Restore Kit”.

Both Rust X Converter and Zin Kote 601 are packaged in convenient to use aerosol cans. This combination of rust treatment products is unmatched for long term rust & corrosion protection on Wrought Iron.

The only rust treatment kit designed for Wrought Iron today, RESTORE is easy to use and can be applied by non trained personnel. This new and highly effective product is used extensively by:

Home Owners Commercial Buildings Apartment Complexes Hotels Resorts Marinas Municipal Parks Cemeteries Amusement Parks State Parks Historical Landmarks

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