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Professional Line Marking Paint

Traffic Master Pro


Dries In 60 Minutes | Asphalt & Concrete

Handicap Blue | White | Yellow

Traffic Master Pro is a professional quality high solids inverted spray paint. This long-lasting, water-based paint can be applied to asphalt, concrete, and most other surfaces to create crisp, 2-4 inch wide stripes. Traffic Master Pro can even be used over freshly paved or freshly sealed surfaces. The high solids nature of this aerosol spray paint offers increased coverage, durability, and hiding properties. The sharp, even lines created by Traffic Master Pro dry quickly and will be ready for traffic in only 60 minutes. This efficient professional line marking paint offers fast, easy application via hand marking or use with a stenciling gun. Traffic Master Pro is available in three high demand colors: handicap blue, white, and yellow.

The paint of choice by line stripers, Traffic Master Pro can be effectively used to stripe asphalt and concrete, create safety lines, mark aisles, mark edges, apply over stencils, and more. Traffic Master Pro is ideal for use on parking lots, driveways, playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, airplane landing strips, factories, and warehouses. It can also be used successfully on garages, highways, bridges, tunnels, curbs, wheel bumpers, stairways, taxiways, loading ramps, loading docks, and anywhere else a professional line marking paint is needed.

Use To:

Stripe Asphalt & Concrete  •  Create Safety Lines  •  Mark Aisles  •  Mark Edges  •  Apply Over Stencils 

Traffic Master Pro Color Chart

 Note: Handicap Marking Stencil Available in Shopping Cart

Use On:

Parking Lots  ♦  Driveways  ♦  Playgrounds  ♦  Basketball Courts  ♦  Airplane Landing Strips  ♦  Factories  ♦  Warehouses  ♦  Highways  ♦  Bridges  ♦  Wheel Bumpers  ♦  Tennis Courts  ♦  Stairways  ♦  Taxiways  ♦  Loading Ramps  ♦  Loading Docks  ♦  Tunnels  ♦  Curbs  ♦  Garages

If you’re looking for a money-saving, time-saving avenue to professional results, Traffic Master Pro is the line marking paint for you. This professional line marking paint produces approximately 250 linear feet of striping per can. The long lasting pigments in this top notch paint add to the production of crisp, vivid lines. Traffic Master Pro offers good hide after only one coat, saving you the time and money a second coat would require. This water-based paint is environmentally friendly and VOC compliant, and, unlike oil-based aerosol paints, Traffic Master Pro will not yellow or bleed. And not only that – Traffic Master Pro is able to eliminate asphalt bleed-through, which is the situation in which high heat causes the black color of the asphalt to bleed through the coating above it, causing unsightly and potentially costly staining.

Well-Defined, 2-4” Lines | Fast & Easy Application | VOC Compliant

Traffic Master Pro is available in 20 ounce aerosol cans (18 ounce / 510 gram net weight). With its approximate coverage of 250 linear feet per can, each can goes a long way – making Traffic Master Pro a convenient, economical choice. Traffic Master Pro can be used by hand or with a traffic marking wand if applying over stencils or using it to mark curbs. And, for your added convenience, Traffic Master Pro is compatible with most American-made marking machines.

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