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Food Grade Grease



Operating Temperature From 0°F (-18°C) to +450°F (+232°C)

Designed for the Food Packaging and Pharmaceutical Industries

Bakeries  •  Breweries  •  Canneries  •  Dairies  •  Bottlers

Meat & Poultry Processors  •  Packing Plants

Pharmaceutical Manufactures  •  Food Processing Plants

Resists Water Washout and High Temperatures

 NG-400 is a pure non toxic food grade grease, specially engineered for the food packing and pharmaceutical industries. NG-400 has excellent adhesive properties and resists sling-off. It is resistant to water and prevents rust and corrosion on all types of food processing equipment. NG-400 is also resistant to high temperatures, extreme pressure, detergent and salt spray. NG-400 contains no solvents or silicones. This White Food Grease has a high viscosity and is designed to reduce oxidation and wear. NG-400 resists shear breakdown and water or detergent wash out. It has an ultra refined polymer structure with superior load carrying capacity.

NG – 400 complies with FDA Regulation '21 CFR 178.3570.'

Apply NG-400 to moving parts in ovens, dryers, heat manifolds, valves, pumps, winches, conveyors, fittings, wire rope, linkage and hoists to prevent rust and corrosion and to extend the life of equipment. It offers extended lubrication cycles, reduced wear and friction, and operates in a wide temperature range. Since NG-400 resists sling-off, it is ideal for open gears, rollers, cams, slide bearings, o-rings and valves. It forms a tough, durable film that prevents metal on metal contact which contributes to premature wear. NG-400 is also resistant to alkalis and food acids. It protects against scoring and seizure. This food grade grease offers premium quality lubrication in areas where incidental food contact may occur and is ideal on chains, slides and equipment surfaces. It protects against excessive heat, moisture and will not drip or run. NG-400 is widely used for ice machine lubrication and prevents excessive wear and costly parts replacement.


Ovens ♦ Manifold Heat Valves ♦ Conveyors ♦ Linkages ♦ Rollers ♦ O-Rings ♦ Dryers ♦ Pumps ♦ Fittings ♦ Hoist ♦ Cams ♦ Valves ♦ Gears ♦ Winches ♦ Wire Rope ♦ Threads ♦ Slide Bearings

NG-400 is specialty engineered for bakeries, breweries, canneries, dairies, bottlers, meat and poultry processors and packing plants. NG-400 complies with Food and Drug Administration regulation “21 CFR 178.3570.” It has a H1 rating from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and is authorized for use in all federally inspected meat and poultry plants. NG-400 can be used in virtually all food processing applications. It lubricates while keeping food safe. The operation temperature range extends from 0°F (-18°C) to +450°F (+232°C). It is specially formulated for high adhesion and has a white creamy appearance. NG-400 is totally non toxic and odorless.

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