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Dry Tungsten Lubricant / Extreme Low Temperature



Operating Temperatures from -4 °F (-20 °C) to 1200 °F (650 °C)

  • Extreme Pressure

  • High Temperature Lubricant With Tungsten

  • Extreme Low Temperature

TXL-2000 is a Tungsten Disulfide based lubricant designed for extreme pressures and high temperature applications. This high temp dry film protects and lubricates in the most demanding conditions, making it ideal for snow removal equipment, skid loaders, logging equipment, excavators, and mining and construction equipment. TXL-2000’s ability to handle high pressure loads up to 400,000 psi, as well as it’s resistance to rust, water, and humidity in the environment make it ideal for salt water drilling and marine applications. Dust and air borne contaminants will not adhere to surfaces treated with TXL-2000. In addition, it’s strong resistance to abrasion under even the most demanding conditions makes it ideal in foundry and manufacturing operations. In addition, no other dry lubricant withstands extreme low temperatures as does TXL-2000.

When compared to other high temperature lubricants, TXL-2000 has the lowest coefficient of friction. Combined with it’s versatility and high-temp, high-pressure performance, this makes it a lubricant of choice in the demanding automotive racing, military, and aerospace industries.

This high temperature dry tungsten lubricant is excellent for use in:

Automotive Manufacturing ♦ Aerospace Industry ♦ Medical Equipment Industry ♦ Mining & Construction Industries ♦ Canning Plants ♦ Plastic, Metals, Glass & Ceramics Manufacturing ♦ Marine Industry ♦ Textiles Manufacturing ♦ Utilities & Power Generation Industries ♦ Railway Industry ♦ Steel & Aluminum Foundries ♦ Home Appliance Manufacturing ♦ Defense Industry Manufacturing ♦ Agricultural and Forest Industries

Most Versatile Lubricant Available For Heavy Industrial, Marine, Mining & Construction Equipment

TXL-2000’s ability to withstand excessive pressure while operating at extreme temperatures, make its applications nearly limitless. Formulated for use on high speed bearings, cams, cylinders and other high-temp machine parts, TXL-2000 reduces production costs and increases profits by extending the life of machine parts, and reducing friction and energy consumption.

Ideal for:

Robotic Arms ♦ High Speed Spindles, Shafts & Seals ♦ High Speed Bearings, Cams & Cam Shafts ♦ Carbon Brushes ♦ Rocket Fuel Pumps ♦ Conveyors ♦ Excavators ♦ Machine Components ♦ Actuators ♦ Extrusion Dies ♦ Overhead Transport Systems ♦ Dryer Ovens ♦ Outdoor Chains & Cables ♦ Generators ♦ Switchgear ♦ Furnaces ♦ Stenter Chains ♦ Marine Parts & Drilling Equipment ♦ Rollers ♦ Punches & Dies ♦ Cutting Tools ♦ Bullet & Ammunition Parts

This high temperature dry tungsten lubricant is excellent for use in automotive manufacturing. Perfect for chain systems in high temperature paint dryers, it is also used for ball, roller, and sliding bearings on conveyor and open gear drives. TXL-2000 is an excellent lubricant for robotic shafts, actuators, gears and other automotive assembly equipment. It is ideal for use on pistons, carbon brushes, power transmission components, and inaccessible places that have to last the life of then vehicle.

TXL-2000’s wide temperature range and resistance to pressure make it an excellent lubricant for the military, marine, and aerospace industries. Ideal for use in jet engines, brake parts, fuel pumps, and landing flap control gears, this high temperature dry tungsten lubricant is also formulated for use in marine engines and propellers. It’s ability to withstand salt water spray and extreme weathering make it ideal for lock gates, deck machinery, winches, mobile cranes, and moving gantries. It is also used in the manufacturing of bullets and ammunition parts, including tanks, rifles, machine guns, missiles, and satellites. 


TXL-2000 is one of the best high temperature dry tungsten lubricants on the market for use in textiles, canning, metals, plastic, and ceramics manufacturing. It keeps cutting tools, extrusion dies, and moulds lubricated, preventing excess wear and seizing of machine parts. Whether on high temperature pin chains in textile stenters and dryers, or under the harsh operating conditions and extreme loads of a steel or aluminum plant, TXL-2000 keeps rollers, wear plates, gibs, slides, hydraulic valves, and conveyors lubricated and working optimally.

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