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Soil Sterilant Provides Long Term Kill

Liqua Thol K


Soil Sterilant Kills All Unwanted Vegetation For One Full SeasonSoil Sterilant & Weed Eliminator

Kills ALL Unwanted Vegetation For ONE FULL YEAR


  • Packed in a convenient 20 ounce size Aerosol No Mixing – NO Cleanup
  • Does NOT HARM Warm Blooded Animals
  • 1 Can Treats Up To 64 Square Feet
  • Perfect for tight, hard to reach areas in and around parking lots, rail lines, fence lines and more!

Foxtail Ryegrass Wild oats Crab-grass Cheat grass Broomsedge Ragweed Lambs quarter Turkey muellein Johnson grass Salt grass Bouncing bet Bracken fern Horsetail

Unlike those products which have to be reapplied several times during one growing season. Apply Liqua Thol K today, and weed problems are solved for one full year.

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Soil Sterilant Kills All Unwanted Vegetation For One Full Season

Liqua Thol K is a solvent based non-selective soil sterilant designed to be applied on non-cropland areas where bare ground is desired. It contains two active ingredients: Bromacil, which controls weeds through root contact and gives season-long residual control, and 2-4-D which controls weeds through foliage and gives immediate weed burn down. The degree of weed control and duration of effect will vary with the amount of product used, soil type, rainfall and other conditions. Apply any time of year except when the ground is frozen. Best results are obtained after predominant species are well established in late spring or early summer. To control most weeds for one year of time on non-cropland areas, such as: parking lots, fence rows, loading ramps, railroad sidings, storage yards, around buildings and industrial plant sites, To control annual weeds and grasses such as foxtail, rye grass, wild oats, crabgrass, cheat grass, broom sedge, ragweed, lambs quarter and turkey mullein, For other hard-to-kill perennial weeds and grasses, such as Johnson grass, salt grass, bouncing bet, bracken fern and horsetail, clover. Even kills some woody plants.

A soil sterilant, Liqua Thol K is the weed eliminator product of choice for eliminating unwanted vegetation. It is considered a soil sterilant and not a weed killer. This product provides long term full season control. This amazing product is used once per season to eliminate all unwanted brush and weeds. It does not leach more than a few inches from where it is applied. The product is not water based and is not affected by water run off. This soil sterilant attacks the root system providing total kill of all plant life.

In addition, this amazing soil sterilant has a very low toxicity level and is safe for use where warm blooded animals are found. The actual toxicity is lower than common table salt. Liqua Thol K is used undiluted and treats up to 1200 square feet per gallon. Treated areas do not require soaking of product as lesser amounts penetrate into root systems.

This soil sterilant eliminates the need for multiple applications in controlling unwanted vegetation and provides substantial savings in product and labor costs. In addition, this weed killer product is excellent when used on fence rows. It provides for controlling and eliminating vegetation in a uniform and confined area. Most products show unsightly streaks around these type areas because of rainfall and run off. As a weed eliminator Liqua Thol K stays in place and prevents uneven kill from occurring.

This product is packaged in convenient aerosol cans as well as bulk containers. Liqua Thol K soil sterilant is the most effective control available for eliminating brush and weeds from parking lots, pavement edges, fence rows, drainage ditches, building perimeters and other areas. When unwanted weeds appear in cracks of pavement, nothing is more convenient than using the aerosol version of Liqua Thol K. One application per year eliminates all unwanted vegetation.

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