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Spectrum Series



High Solids Industrial Coatings

These paints are high solids, low solvent, maximum qualityand performance formulations. They have single coat power, and save time and money – one 20 ounce size can (10 ounce Net Wt.) covers the equivalent of four “economy brand” low solids, 16 ounce size cans. These paints were tested best in corrosion protection against the competition by an independent laboratory. They have outstanding hardness and durability and resist abrasion and heat.

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Heat Resistant High Temperature Paint

These spray paints withstand continuous temperatures up to 1200°F (649°C). They are excellent for use on engine headers, mainfolds, furnaces, boilers, metal fireplaces, grills and more. They form a superior durable “porcelain-like” bond on surfaces at high temperatures and offer excellent resistance to gasoline, rust, salt, oil, grease and humidity.

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Premier Coatings

These sag-free primers provide maximum rust and chemical protection.They provide superior wear resistance and adhesion and create a strong base coat on bare metal and wood. They dry fast, can be top coated with our Endure High Solids Industrial Coatings and are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

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Fluorescent Paint

These quality paints provide 300 percent greater visibility than regular spray paint. They feature a water-based, high solids formula that offers dense coverage and requires fewer cans to finish a job. Fast drying, extremely durable and ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

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Municipal & Utility Inverted Tip Marking Paint

These waterbased spray paints are ideal for utility, construction and survey markings on concrete asphalt, gravel, grass or dirt. Our special over-cap allows fingertip control and guard against accidental use without removing the color cap. May be actuated by hand or used with the Marking and Stenciling Wand – T93803 or the Marking and Stenciling Gun –T93804.

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TrafficStripe Marking Paint

These efficient, high solids, long lasting, inverted tip sprayare waterbased, making the lines traffic ready in 30 minues.Engineered for quick and easy application on concrete, blacktopand most other surfaces. They eliminate asphalt bleed-throughand are ideal for parking lots, playgrounds, driveways andtennis courts. They can be applied using our hand Markingand Stenciling Gun – T93804, our easy-to-use, lightweight Marking Stenciling Wand –T93803, or our walk-behind,four wheel, traffic Marking Machine – T93801, whichproduces a crisp, even, 2” to 4” stripe. Eachcan contains enough paint to apply approximately 250 Linear feet of Stripping.

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AthleticField Marking Paint

These efficient, inverted tip, waterbased spray paints produce sharp, durable, stripes in one pass. There are quality markers for use on grass and dirt fields. Non-toxic aerosol spray goes straight downward for complete coverage and is ready for use in 30 minutes. Maintenance free, no messy clean up. Enables quick and easy marking of baseball, football and soccer fields, volleyball courts, lawn & clay tennis courts and badminton courts. Performs equally as well on porus surfaces such as gravel, and soil as well as pavement. They can be applied using our Marking and Stencil Gun – T93804, our easy-to-use,light weight Marking and Stencil Wand – T93803 or our walk-behind, four wheel, Turf Marking Machine – T93802, which produces a crisp, even 3” to 5” stripe. Each can contains enough paint to apply approximately 300 linear feet of striping.

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