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Clear Rubber Waterproof Coating

Rubber Kote 501


Multi-Use | Quick Drying | Crystal Clear

Waterproof & Weatherproof

Rubber Kote 501 is a unique crystal clear rubberized coating that has countless uses and offers endless possibilities. Its rubberized body conforms to any surface and produces an extremely secure bond, providing a water-tight enclosure that effectively resists moisture, rust, and corrosion. Rubber Kote 501 can be used indoors or outdoors and is able to remain flexible and pliable – even over the long haul. Use Rubber Kote 501 to create a permanent rubber film on all types of materials and surfaces. Rubber Kote 501 can be used on metal, wood, plastic, paper products (including paperboard, corrugated paper, and art paper), ceramics, fabric (including canvas), and fiberglass – just to name a few.

In The Bulk Version, Rubber Kote 501 may be Brushed, Sprayed Or Dipped.

Coverage: Approximately 26 Square Feet Per Aerosol Can | Approximately 150 Square Feet Per Gallon

 Use On: Metal Wood Plastic Paperboard Corrugated Paper Art Paper Other Paper Products Ceramics Fabric (Canvas, etc.) Fiberglass

Use By: Florists Artists Crafters Designers Decorators Landscapers Graphic Designers Restaurants Parents Maintenance Departments

Rubber Kote 501 will not harm any surface, including fragile ceramics and plastics. This long-lasting, glossy, clear rubber film acts as a barrier against the elements – even when it’s submerged. This see-through rubber coating is ideal for use by: florists, artists, crafters, designers, decorators, landscapers, graphic designers, restaurants, maintenance departments, and more. This excellent rubber coating dries very quickly, very smooth, and as clear as a glass window. You’ll still be able to see all print and markings through this clear rubber waterproof coating; no visual distortion results. The feel of the material when cured is similar to that of a rigid rubber band. Once the clear rubber is cured on a surface, it will not crack when being bent, rolled, or folded. In fact, we took a sheet of notebook paper, sprayed it with this clear rubber waterproof coating, and let it dry. The result? Even when we rolled the paper, the rubber film did not crack or peel. We’ve also tested this product with magic markers, ink, paint, crayons, etc. – none of which ran or bled after the application of Rubber Kote 501.

Dries In 15 Minutes | Safe on Most Surfaces

The potential uses for Rubber Kote 501 really are endless. Use it to waterproof and preserve important documents or weatherproof printed paper signs for outdoor showcasing. Use it to conveniently create non-slip conditions on all types of surfaces – such as on wood or metal shelves, plastic surfaces, or on the back of throw rugs so they won’t slide around on hardwood floors. Florists can use Rubber Kote 501 to make any decoration waterproof and/or weatherproof, or to make plant containers leak free (even going so far as to turn semi-porous containers into vases). Use it to coat silk flowers in order to make long-lasting outdoor floral arrangements, including those for use in graveside urns. Designers, exterior decorators, and landscapers can also use Rubber Kote 501 to coat and protect yard art and art pieces for outdoor display. Use it to waterproof menus, recipes, or other papers that are regularly exposed to liquid from sinks and spills.

Use Rubber Kote 501 to cover tablecloths, table runners, and placemats to create surfaces which repel food and stains, making cleanup a breeze. Use it to preserve your child’s latest pieces of art and turn them into placemats or bookcovers, or waterproof your children’s favorite toys for bathtime play. It has even been used in the past to weatherproof cardboard easels used in movie theatres. An excellent find for anyone in the arts and crafts industry, Rubber Kote 501 can literally be put to use in thousands of crafting applications, such as: to make baskets waterproof, to preserve and protect pieces of art, to waterproof art that will be in high-moisture locations (such as steamy bathrooms), to rubberize portions of modern art creations, to weatherproof fabric and quilts, and more. When it comes to uses for Rubber Kote 501, it’s okay to let your imagination run away with you.

Note:  When waterproofing extremely porous surfaces such as woven baskets, it is recommended a thin cloth or paper liner be affixed to bottom of vessel before applying Rubber Kote 501. This procedure will help eliminate having to use excessive amounts of product.

Use To:

Preserve Important Documents Weatherproof Printed Paper Signs Waterproof Menus, Recipes, Etc. Create Non-Slip Surfaces On Shelves And Throw Rugs Make Plant Containers Leak Free Lengthen The Life Of Outdoor Silk Flowers Food-Proof & Stain-Proof Tableclothes, Table Runners, & Placemats Preserve Children’s Art & Turn It Into Placemats Or Bookcovers Waterproof Children’s Toys For Bathtime Play Weatherproof Cardboard Easels • Waterproof Baskets Protect & Waterproof Art Pieces Rubberize Portions Of Modern Art Creations Weatherproof Fabric & Quilts Waterproof Exterior Décor & Yard Art And So Much More!

For the convenience of our customers, Rubber Kote 501 is available in aerosol cans, 5 gallon containers, and 55 gallon containers. This clear rubber waterproof coating dries in approximately 15 minutes and, if desired, can be reapplied multiple times to create a thicker rubber coating. Each aerosol can covers about 26 sq. ft. of surface area. The durometer (Hardness) when cured is 34-39. Rubber Kote 501 can be removed if needed with a safety solvent. Please note that Rubber Kote 501 is not recommended for use on objects which are subjected to heavy or constant abrasion. When cured, Rubber Kote 501 has the feel of a firm rubber band. Thus, it cannot withstand constant or heavy friction; It is not made to be used on moving parts.

Note: When using on porous or perforated surfaces such as woven baskets, several coats of Rubber Kote 501 should be applied to achieve a water tight vessel.

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