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Marker Board & Chalkboard Renovator



Spray On – Wipe Off

Pro Kleen is a high quality, userfriendly foam cleaner that deeply cleans chalkboards, marker boards, slate, ceramic,and porcelain-coated magnetic and steel boards. Pro Kleen is perfect for periodic detail cleaning to keep boards in bright, like-new condition.

Pro Kleen Eliminates Ghost Lines and Reduces Eye Strain

In this age of technology there’s still nothing like a traditional chalkboard or dry-erase board for learning, brainstorming, and problemsolving. However, maintaining a clean board free of lines, streaks, and haze takes periodic detail cleaning to remove accumulated dust, grime, marker, and residue. Pro Kleen foaming chalkboard cleaner takes the elbow grease out of the equation and treats board surfaces within minutes. Simply spray on and wipe off. Pro Kleen eliminates ghost lines and chalk dust without heavy scrubbing, sprays that run, or soapy water. And with Pro Kleen, no special cloths or erasers are needed.

For Use On All: 

Chalkboards Markerboards Painted surfaces Enamel surfaces Slate Porcelain over Steel Magnetic Boards

As Pro Kleen tackles stubborn stains and surfaces— treating deeply imbedded images and clearing haze and dried or smeared marker residue— it also increases the visual contrast of the newly cleaned board. By making chalkboards easier to read Pro Kleen can help reduce eye strain for students and professionals.

Pro Kleen is Water-Based and Easy on the Environment

Pro Kleen is water based and also safe for other painted or baked enamel surfaces that have accumulated dust, marker streaks or other residue. In addition, this foaming chalkboard cleaner contains a water-based solution that is nonflammable, easy on the environment, and leaves behind a pleasant, fresh odor. This spray contains no petroleum distillates or CFCs.

Pro Kleen is excellent for traditional chalkboards as well as non-traditional surfaces, which makes it handy for large chalkboards or markerboards in educational institutions, community centers, and coffee shops or enamel or magnetic markerboards in board rooms, conference centers or design companies. With one easy-to-use product to maintain chalkboards and dry erase boards, it is no wonder that Pro Kleen serves as a highly valued product by maintenance and janitorial professionals at educational institutions.

Used By: Maintenance Professionals Elementary and Secondary Schools Higher Education Facilities Community Centers Office Complexes Creative Spaces Churches Hospitals and Nursing Homes Coffee Shops Janitorial Staff Cleaning Companies Factories

Pro Kleen Cleans Stubborn Marker Residue Without Scrubbing

Pro Kleen is a convenient choice for maintenance and janitorial professionals, as it does not require erasing prior to treatment. This sprayablefoaming marker board cleaner easily stays put on vertical surfaces for longer soaking time that lifts stubborn stains and ghosting. Pro Kleen eliminates the need to manage streaming water, squeegees, specialty erasers and cloths, or wet sponges.

Pro Kleen is packaged in aerosol cans (19 ounce net weight) with a 360 degree spray valve that spray evenly whether the can is held upright or inverted. Foam will not irritate skin and dries quickly without leaving streaks or residue. If extra clean-up is needed, this water-based spray cleans up with soap and water. Repeated applications on stubborn stains will not harm marker or chalkboard surfaces.

Pro Kleen aerosol spray cans are packaged in cases of 2, 6, 12 or 24 cans. A 360 degree spray valve is included with each order.


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