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Non Toxic/Food Grade Oil



Temperatures From -48°F (-44°C) to 250°F (121°C

Non Toxic • Clear in Color • Odorless • Resists Water Washout

Safe On Plastics & Ceramics  - Available In 5 Gallon Containers

Does Not Contain Silicones Or Solvents

When looking for an Aerosol Non Toxic Food Grade Oil, NG-700 should be your first choice. It is made from the finest food grade lubricant ingredients. It is effective from -48°F (-44°C) to 250°F (121°C). NG – 700 is resistant to water wash out and helps prevent rust and corrosion. NG-700 is used to lubricate parts to ensure ease of movement and prevent equipment failure. It is excellent on rings, slides, seals, guide rails and most other moving parts including rollers, sprockets, pistons, bearings, chains, pans, plungers, cables and belts. NG-700 contains no water fillers and no silicone. It does not contain solvents and is odorless and tasteless.

NG-700 is specially engineered for use in food processing/prep areas to prevent sticking and assists the sliding of metal parts. It is safe for use in dairies, food processing plants, supermarkets, meat and poultry plants, fast food restaurants, and other mechanical lubricating applications. NG-700 prevents food build ups which cause work stoppage and allows for easy clean up in a fraction of the normal time. It is ideal for ice cream equipment, meat slicers and milk bottling equipment.

NG-700 is excellent for pump parts and other food processing and packing equipment. NG-700 is considered a very light viscosity oil with superior lubricating characteristics. It can be used in a variety of non food type applications as well. NG-700 can be used with confidence in all areas where a light weight oil is required to achieve proper lubrication. A thin film of NG-700 provides protection from rust and corrosion and eliminates excessive wear of equipment parts.


Pistons ♦ Pans ♦ Guide Rails ♦ Plungers ♦ Rings ♦ Bearings ♦ Rollers ♦ Cables ♦ Belts ♦ Seals ♦ Chains ♦ Sprockets ♦ Slides


Meat and Poultry Companies ♦ Fast Food Restaurants ♦ Egg Processing Operations ♦ Grocery Stores ♦ Bottling & Packaging Plants ♦ Dairies ♦ Meat Packing Plants

NG-700 complies with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation, CR Title 21, paragraphs 172.878 and 178.3620. This superior food grade oil is safe for use in areas where food equipment parts may have incidental food contact.

NG – 700 is used with confidence while providing sanitary lubrication of food processing equipment. Reapply NG – 700 periodically as needed. NG – 700 prevents sticking and reduces clean up time. Regular use of NG – 700 can prevent costly down time. It offers extended lubrication and reduces wear and friction and extends equipment life. If forms a tough, durable film that prevents metal on metal contact. NG- 700 can be used in most food processing applications.

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