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Fast Drying Safety Solvent



Fast Drying | Ozone Safe

Non-Flammable | No Residue

High Dielectric Strength: 36,200 Volts

Available In Aerosol & Bulk Containers

Si-1000 is a high purity solvent that quickly loosens and removes grease and rinses away dirt and grime. A high power chlorinated safety solvent and degreaser, Si-1000 easily dissolves oil, tar, grease, dirt, and other soils. This extremely fast drying cleaner won’t leave a residue and will not injure working parts, making it ideal for use on energized electric equipment. The combination of its high dielectric strength and its non-flammable qualities make Si-1000 the only degreaser that is safe for use on generators, electric motors, control panels, and relays – even while they are in operation. Si-1000 is ideal for use on: generators, electric motors, windings, bearings, gears, relays, mixers, switches, starters, control panels, production machinery, power tools, automotive parts, diesel engines, aircraft parts, marine equipment, heating and air conditioning equipment, industrial equipment, electrical equipment assemblies, gas meters, water meters, electrical meters, food processing equipment, and refrigeration equipment. 

Use By:

AC Maintenance Industrial Operations Construction Companies Machine Shops Boat Yards School BusYards Oil Field Services Equipment Manufacturers Engine & Motor Rebuilders

Use On :

Generators Electric Motors Windings Bearings Gears Relays Mixers Switches Starters Control Panels Production Machinery Power Tools Automotive Parts Diesel Engines Aircraft Parts Marine Equipment Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment Electrical Equipment Assemblies Gas, Water, & Electrical Meters Food Processing Equipment Industrial Equipment Refrigeration Equipment

Safe For Use On Energized Equipment, Dissolves Oil, Tar, Grease, Dirt, & Other Soils

Si-1000 is non-flammable, non-combustible, non-corrosive, and non-conductive. It does not have a flash point and it offers a high dielectric strength of 36,200 volts, lending itself to be used on energized electrical equipment. Si-1000 safety solvent and degreaser is recommended for use by: AC maintenance, industrial operations, construction companies, machine shops, boat yards, school bus yards, oil field services, equipment manufacturers, and engine and motor rebuilders. This chlorinated safety solvent and degreaser dries fast and free of residue. Si-1000 does not contain any ozone depleting chemicals, making it ozone safe. It also does not contain any CFC’s or petroleum distillates. It does contain an accepted substitute for 1,1,1-Trichloroethane under the EPA SNAP program.

For the convenience of our customers, Si-1000 is available in both 20 ounce aerosol cans and 5 gallon containers. The aerosol can features a convenient dual spray valve – a special valve system which can produce either pencil stream or fan-type sprays. This dual spray valve is incredibly helpful for applying Si-1000 to hard-to-reach areas. Si-1000 in its aerosol form offers a high power spray and a powerful flushing action that quickly blasts away grease and grime. The aerosol can’s powerful jet stream will shoot approximately 8 feet (2.4 meters).

Instructions: Pre-testing is recommended as it is possible for Si-1000 to remove some paints. If using Si-1000 in aerosol cans, shake it well before using. You can either press the valve down (if using for up close work) or tilt the valve forward and pinpoint flushing action (if using for hard-to-reach areas). Directions for using either the aerosol or bulk liquid forms of Si-1000: Saturate the part that you wish to clean, then wipe away remaining solvent or allow it to air dry. For particularly dirty jobs, brush, then rinse off with a second application. Note that Si-1000 is not recommended for use on plastics or for motorized vehicle maintenance or their parts. Use on energized equipment only. 

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