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Auto Leather & Vinyl Conditioner

LV Detailer #9


The Premiere Treatment For Auto Vinyl & Leather Interiors

Cleans & Conditions | Does Not Contain Silicone 

LV Detailer #9 is a top of the line surface cleaner and protectant. This premium, quick breaking foam cleans, protects, preserves, restores, and enhances a wide variety of surface types while simultaneously guarding against dirt, UV rays, oxygen, oxides, and acid vapors. It contains specially formulated additives which allow LV Detailer #9 to protect against sun damage, drying, cracking, hardening, and fading. This multi-surface auto leather and vinyl conditioner penetrates porous surfaces quickly and effortlessly, producing a beautiful high luster gloss finish. LV Detailer #9 is ideal for cleaning and conditioning: leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, wood, enamel, fiberglass, & paint.

Not only does LV Detailer #9 clean and protect a myriad of surfaces, it also quickly brightens, shines, and beautifies as it goes. This anti-static foam is non-flammable and is able to increase pliability and help provide color restoration. Post application, this light foam detailer is waterproof and is able to withstand several washings, thereby significantly lengthening the time between applications. LV Detailer #9 can be used on: upholstery, vinyl tops, door and window moldings, door panels, tires, and all other automotive surfaces except glass. Although LV Detailer #9 is primarily used on automotive surfaces, this auto leather and vinyl conditioner can actually be applied almost anywhere a superior foam cleaner and protectant is called for. Some more excellent usages for this surface protectant include application on: motorcycles, airplanes, boats, underwater equipment, sporting equipment, TVs, radios, stereos, cameras, typewriters, luggage, furniture, and plastics.

Apply To:
Upholstery Door & Window Moldings  Door Panels Tires Vinyl Tops

Ideal For Use On :
Leather Vinyl Rubber Plastic Wood Aluminum Stainless Steel Enamel Fiberglass Paint

Also Use On: 
Motorcycles Airplanes Boats  Underwater Equipment Sporting Equipment  TVs Radios Stereos Cameras Typewriters  Luggage  Furniture Plastics

LV Detailer #9 is available in 16 ounce cans. Each easy-to-use can comes equipped with a helpful 360° valve which enables application in both upright and upside down positions. This multi-use conditioner can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces, because the foam clings strongly and will hold even when applied vertically. This odor free foam cleaner is formulated with the ability to absorb and deactivate ozone, and you can rest assured that LV Detailer #9 does not contain any ozone-depleting CFCs. This non-flammable auto leather and vinyl conditioner has a level-1 storage rating.

Instructions: Note that while applying LV Detailer #9 it is important to protect floors from excess spray so they don’t becoming slippery. It is also important to protect windows when applying this conditioner to vinyl tops as this product is not intended for use on glass. Before applying, clean all surfaces which are particularly dirty and make sure all application surfaces are dry. Spray on LV Detailer #9 and spread the foam with a cloth. Allow the product to stand for a brief time in order to ensure penetration, then use a soft cloth or polishing pad to buff and polish the area. Store LV Detailer #9 in a dry, cool place that will not exceed temperatures of 120°F (49°C).

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