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Instant Rust Stain Remover

Rust Magic


Removes Rust Stains Like Magic

No Rubbing - No Scrubbing

Within Minutes, Rust Stains Are Gone

We Guarantee It!

Apply Rust Magic and Watch Stains Disappear From: 

Stucco, Brick, Concrete, Glass, Stone, Metal, Chrome, Fibreglass, Painted Surfaces, Tile, Porcelain, Vinyl Siding

One Quart Treats Approximately  68 Sq. Ft.

Safe to Use

Effective both indoors & outdoors ♦ Can be applied using tank sprayer, pressure washer, roller or sponge ♦ Contains no mineral acids ♦ Septic safe ♦ Contains no phosphates ♦ No rubbing or scrubbing ♦ Stains simply vainsh ♦ Safe for you & the environment when used as directed

Use On:

Wall, Walkways, Driveways, Gutters, Sidewalks, Fences, Warehouse Floors, Bathroom Fixtures, Buildings, Lawn Furniture

When it comes to removing rust stains from Vinyl Siding, no other product compares to Rust Magic rust stain remover. It is safe to use and the most effective product on the market today for removing tough, harsh and unsightly rust stains. Simply apply Rust Magic on rust stains and watch them disappear. It’s just that easy. In the photo above, the chimney shown was exposed to constant rust stain run-off for several years due to the rusted metal cap at top of chimney. Rust Magic rust stain remover was applied twice and within 15 minutes there was no trace of any rust stain. This was on white vinyl siding where the appearance of rust stain is much more visible. The product is applied by spraying it directly on rust stains and allowing it to stand for approximately 5 minutes. In some cases, 2 applications of Rust Magic rust stain remover are required. A “Spray All Sprayer” is included with all orders of Rust Magic rust stain remover. This sprayer adjusts to a very fine mist to insure pinpoint accuracy when applying Rust Magic rust stain remover. This feature prevents excess usage and product run-off on vertical surfaces.

In addition, rust stains found on concrete, concrete block, stucco, plastics, painted metal, canvas and most other surfaces are removed safely and easily without scrubbing or having to rent special equipment. This fast and effective rust stain remover is also excellent for use where rusted drain pipes have left residue rust stain on decorative surfaces. Rusted gutters can also cause constant run off and unsightly rust stains on concrete block walls and other areas. Rust Magic removes these stains with ease without the need to hire special contracting companies. Where fertilizers have been allowed to stand on concrete causing severe staining, Rust Magic is not recommended for use. These type stains caused from fertilizers penetrate deep into surface making rust stain removal next to impossible.

Rust Magic is guaranteed unconditionally and will removes most rust stains from most all surfaces. In some cases, multiple applications are required for complete removal. Porous surfaces such as concrete block, brick and stucco may have deeper rust stain penetration and will require more product and possibly several applications. After spraying Rust Magic rust stain remover, a visible fading of stain will be noticed within 1 to 2 minutes. Within approximately 5 minutes, the entire rust stain will vanish! 

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