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Dragline Cable Lubricant



Temperatures From -40°F (-40°C) to 450°F (232°C)

Dragline Cables Wire Rope Sheaves Open Gears Will Not Sling Off

Operates Under Water Stops All Rust & Corrosion 150,000 PSI

The first Dragline Cable Lubricant designed for long term lubrication, rust protection and that operates under water for long periods of time.

This easy to use aerosol dragline cable lubricant pinpoints the spray and applies the product exactly where it needs to be on your equipment.   ZTL-5000 incorporates Copper and Bronze into the formula, making it clearly the product of choice for demanding operating conditions such as Mining, Marine and heavy duty industrial use.

It is highly recommended the proper lubrication cycle be implemented. Varied & abusive applications can demand a more frequent lubrication cycle where higher  temperatures and dusty environments occur.

ZTL-5000  with synthetic additives has proven to outlast other products and to prevent equipment failure in the most demanding applications. This convenient to use Aerosol Dragline Cable Lubricant has shown excellent results when used in high temperature, low temperature and in all sub normal conditions.

XTL-5000 is extremely tacky and stays in place under high speeds and increased RPM’s. ZTL-5000 is not affected by water or salt water conditions.  This dragline cable lubricant reduces equipment wear and helps prevent costly downtime.

ZTL-500 is widely used on exposed open gears and can be applied while equipment is running. The copper & bronze particles actually fill void areas in gear teeth and virtually eliminate gear chatter.

Excellent For Use On:

Drag Lines Overhead Cranes Tug Boats Winches Marine Equipment Dredging Equipment Mining Equipment Offshore Oil Platforms

Caution should be used when applying ZTL-5000. Over lubricating should be cautioned where dusty conditions exist. Over applying in these type areas can create abrasion and excessive wear may occur. A light coating is most effective even under water and will also prevent any visible signs of rust or corrosion. In marine applications, we recommend frequent monitoring to establish the proper lubrication time cycle.

Lubrication of Sheaves and Pulleys can be accomplished on an intermittent basis and in most cases ZTL-5000 can be applied while this type equipment continues to operate.

In Arctic conditions, ZTL-5000 has proven to be effective in temperatures to -30°F (-34°C) while maintaining its tackiness and lubricating qualities.

Each can of ZTL-5000 will effectively lubricate approximately 26 square feet of surface.

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