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High Temperature Paint & Coating

Thermal Kote


Porcelain Hard For Long Term Protection

Withstands Extreme High Temperatures To 1325°F (718°C)

Thermal Kote is a Professional Grade Coating and Requires a Curing Temperature of 400°F (204°C). Simply spray Thermal Kote on surface and allow to cure. It’s that simple.

Applies A Porcelain Like Finish

•  Easy To Use Aerosol
•  No Mess/No Clean Up

Forms A Super Durable Porcelain-Like Bond On Surfaces At High Temperatures and Offers Excellent Resistance To Gasoline, Rust, Salt Spray, Oil, Grease And Humidity

Available In Aluminum, Flat Black And Flat White

When it comes to high temperature paint, no product delivers like Thermal Kote. In addition to withstanding extreme high temperatures, it produces a rock hard finish that rivals ceramic coatings. Packed in convenient to use aerosol cans, this high temp paint offers no mess or clean up. The unique dispensing valve atomizes the coating and deposits an extremely smooth finish.

Use On: Engine Headers Furnaces Metal Fireplaces Manifolds Boilers Grills and More

Thermal Kote high temperature paint performs well in temperatures to 1200°F (649°C). When applying the Thermal Kote high temperature coating, parts coated require a constant temperature of 400°F (204°C) for approximately 3 hours to insure proper curing. This method bakes the finish and creates a harder and tougher surface. Before application, all parts should be abraded with a 60 to 100 grit sanding disc and surface thoroughly cleaned. The abrading creates a profile which insures excellent adhesion for coating.

This high temp paint product is excellent for exhaust system parts and other automotive and industrial equipment when a high temperature coating is required. This high temperature coating is available in flat white, flat black and aluminum. There is no difference in performance between colors. Thermal Kote is recommended for most metals and aluminum and acceptable on other materials where curing temperature has no adverse effect.

When multiple coats are desired after initial curing, lightly abrade surface and reapply Thermal Kote. The high temp paint product shows extremely high scratch resistance and is not affected by oils, greases, harsh chemicals or most acids. High humidity levels should be avoided during application of the high temperature paint and optimum results are achieved by applying at room temperature. When curing by oven is not practical, infrared heaters may be used. Depending on heater equipment and surface temperature, this type curing process may extend curing times. 

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