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Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner

Electra XL


Safe On Plastics | 30,000 Volt Dielectric

Dries Quickly & Leaves No Residue

Electra XL is the top of the line cleaning solution for expensive electronic instrumentation. This high purity aerosol spray has been specially created to remove dust, condensation, grease, oil, flux, grime, and other particulate matter from delicate electronic circuitry. Its quick dissolving formula does the job in a hurry and doesn’t leave any residue behind. In addition to cleaning circuit boards, precision instruments, and electrical motors, Electra XL also does an excellent job cleaning switches, contacts, wire terminals, circuit breakers, relays, potentiometers, tuners, control panels, cable ends and receptacles, and other electronic equipment.

Safely Removes:

• Dust • Condensation
• Grease • Oil
• Other Particulate Matter

Electra XL offers just the right combination of high dielectric (featuring 30,000 volt dielectric strength) and fast drying solvents which makes it ideal for cleaning fragile electronic parts. This low odor contact and circuit board cleaner is highly aggressive and easily blasts away damage-causing particles from inaccessible electronic areas. Because regular cleaning of your electronic equipment helps keep it operating at optimum efficiency and prevents costly repairs, Electra XL can help extend the life of your electronics and reduce potential future damage to your wallet.

The Professional’s Choice For Electronics

A non-corrosive aerosol spray, this contact and circuit board cleaner will not harm most plastics, rubber, or paints. Electra XL has been tested and shown to be safe on: Nylon, Hypalon, Neoprene, Silicone, Buna, Butyl and Natural Rubber, PVC, PTFE, Epoxy, ABS, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, and Styrene. This residue-free formula also does a fantastic job degreasing and cleaning metal parts and fittings.

Electra XL is a rapidly evaporating aerosol spray that appears as a clear liquid when applied. Its zero residue formula insures that this contact and circuit board cleaner will not leave any excess material behind. Electra XL makes cleaning even those hard-to-reach electronic parts easy by including attachable extension tubes. So not only are remote electronic areas no longer impossible to reach, but because of the pinpoint accuracy achieved when using this aerosol spray, solvent waste is reduced. This contact and circuit board cleaner is also non-flammable, which makes it even safer for you to remove contaminants from your crucial electronics. 

Use On:

• Switches • Contacts • Wire Terminals • Conduit And Phone Lines • Circuit Boards • Circuit Breakers • Relays • Motors • Potentiometers • Tuners• Control Panels • Cable Ends & Receptacles • Other Electronic Equipment 

Apply To:

• Nylon • Hypalon • Neoprene • Silicone • Buna • PVC • PTFE • Epoxy• ABS • Butyl and Natural Rubber • Polyurethane • Polyethylene • Polypropylene • Polystyrene • Styrene

Instructions: Hold the can close to the application surface and spray it on directly. If the area you are seeking to clean is hard to reach, simply insert the extension tube into the actuator orifice. Allow the components to dry before current is applied. If you are unsure as to the material construction to which you would like to apply this cleaner, we recommend that you pre-test the product on a small, out-of-sight portion before applying it all over. We do not recommend that you use this product on stressed polycarbonate materials or acrylic.Electra XL is EPA Snap approved and is VOC exempt. It is also NSF Certified, having been listed through the Nonfood Compounds Program by NSF International, which is a continuation of the USDA product approval and listing program.

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