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Insulation For Cold Pipes

Cond-X 100


Insulation Coating Stops Condensation Drips

Excellent For Repairing 'Wrap Around' Insulation

• Apply At Desired Thickness • May be Painted after Curing

Cond-X 100 protects all types of surfaces and pipes from moisture build up and drip damage. It offers a white paintable finish and provides a 'quilting' effect that captures air in unique air pockets created by the stipple texture. Apply Cond-X 100 to ice machines, air conditioning ducts, water tanks, metal gutters, valves and fittings. This convenient aerosol spray is ideal for those hard to reach places and conforms to unusually shaped surfaces. Cond-X 100 is excellent for repair work in conjunction with wraps or sleeve type insulations. It adheres to Copper, Stainless Steel, Black Iron, Brass, Galvanized and PVC Pipes. Cond-X 100 is flexible, durable, and water resistant. It dries to a clean white insulating coating. Cond-X 100 protects like asbestos without the harmful side effects.

Use Cond-X 100 for insulating Air Duct in HVAC and repairing wrap around insulation

Copper Stainless Steel Black Iron Brass Galvanized & PVC Pipes

Cond-X 100 stops all Condensation Drips on Copper, PVC, Sheet Metal, Brass, Cast Iron and other surfaces.

Use On

Refrigeration Lines Ice Machine Coils Cold Air Ducts Toilet Tanks Condenser Lines Water Tanks Metal Gutters Valves & Fittings Cold Water Lines

Professional Uses Includes

Refrigerated Trucks Indoor Ice Rinks Chemical Plants AC Maintenance Cold Storage Lockers Office Buildings Food Plants Hospitals Boats

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