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Synthetic Greases

Food Grade Grease, High Temperature Grease, Low Temperature Grease

Our general-use greases exhibit fantastic resistance to high temperatures, high pressures, and high RPMs, which make them ideal for roller bearings, open gears, valve stems, and ultra-high speed bearings found in production plants, docks, excavation equipment, and heavy-duty processing equipment such as ball mills. Assembly lines and other conveyor systems can benefit from the long-lasting lubricating properties of our greases applied to roller chains and pallet wheels. Protect and seal your threaded fittings, bolts, nuts, O-rings, and gaskets from leakage or exposure to corrosive chemicals in farming, aviation, and manufacturing applications with these top-rated lubricants. Marine environments, such as ships, dockyards, and oil platforms, will be more than satisfied with the high degree of salt and corrosion resistance.  


Additional Information

In food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical production, safe and viscous greases become a top priority. Our USDA-approved non-toxic greases provide a colorless, odorless solution to lubrication. These food grade greases can sustain high impact, constant vibration, high RPMs, and extreme heat without slinging off or melting out of machinery. The biostatic lubricants also trap airborne particles for cleaner foods and products. These greases resist water washout common to packaging machinery, meat and poultry plants, bakeries, hospitals, breweries, and cosmetic plants. 

Choose from our full range of heat-resistant greases designed for constant or intermittent high heat—suitable for industrial ovens, glass plants, furnace table bearings, and many other applications. These greases can handle combinations of extreme heat (up to 2200°F/1204°C), high pressure, and RPM variations in harsh industrial environments. The long term stability and load-bearing capabilities of our high temperature greases are ideal for lubricating bearings that support robotics, foundries, ovens, conveyors, and kilns.

When temperatures turn frigid, we recommend our low temperature synthetic greases. These cryogenic greases protect and lubricate metal, plastic, and rubber gears exposed to extreme cold and temperature fluctuations with long lasting tenacity. The waterproof nature of the grease prevents pitting, galling, or thread distortion in the presence of ice, water, or steam. Ideal for steel manufacturing, construction site, agricultural, mining, freeze drying, coffee processing, or cold storage equipment. 

Superior Industries also offers specialty application greases for electrical or oxygen contact. These lubricants deliver the highest possible degree of safety, stability, and durability when you need it most. Improve the connectivity and current of switches, terminals, and voltage regulators, or prevent leakage of oxygen machines, diving equipment, high pressure tanks and valves, and welding equipment. Find Superior Industries' specialty greases in hospitals, aerospace facilities, gas industries, and metal production plants.