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High Temperature Greases

A comprehensive lineup of synthetic High Temperature Greases for application-specific use as bearing greases, mould lubricants, and gasket sealants. These greases can handle combinations of extreme heat (up to 2200°F/1204°C), high pressure, and speed variations in harsh industrial and mechanical environments.

Our multi-purpose greases protect and lubricate metallic moving parts such as sleeve bearings, needle bearings, roller bearings, and thrust bearings for plant-wide manufacturing or automotive applications. Assembly lines and other conveyor systems can also benefit greatly from the long-lasting lubricating properties of our greases applied to roller chains, pallet wheels, roll-out tables, and bearings.


Additional Information

Synthetic greases resist baking, melting out, and changes in viscosity despite changes in their environment, such as heat fluctuations. Choose from our full range of heat-resistant greases designed for constant or intermittent high heat—suitable for industrial ovens, drying ovens, glass plants, furnace table bearings, and many other applications. Protect your threaded fittings, bolts, nuts, and gaskets from exposure to corrosive chemicals in farming, aviation, and manufacturing applications with these top-rated anti-seize lubricants.

Marine environments, such as ships, dockyards, and oil platforms, will be more than satisfied with our greases’ resistance to salt spray and corrosion. The long term stability and load-bearing capabilities of our high temperature greases are ideal for lubricating low speed or high speed bearings that support robotics, foundries, ovens, conveyors, and kilns.

These greases also serve as more than capable mould releases in foundries. Shop our high temperature grease lineup for excellent products for mining and construction operations demanding high shock and shear resistance.