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Oxygen Safe Grease



Temperature Range of -25 – 500°F (-35°C – 260°C)

SLX-900 is a synthetic,oxygen safe grease ideal for equipment such as oxygen machines, liquid oxygen pumps, bearings, and stop cock valves to minimize the risk of explosion and extend the life of critical equipment. Use SLX-900 when you need an excellent chemical-resistant lubricant that remains inert even at high temperatures, making it a perfect component for use in metal powder production, high vacuum or oxygen systems, high pressure tanks and valves, oxidation reactions, glass blowing, tube sealing and diving apparatus.

Safe For Use Around Explosives

Extends Lubricating Cycle to Approximately 1 Year

The widespread manufacture and use of aggressive chemicals has resulted in a growing need for Superior’s chemically inert greases. They have proven themselves safe and cost-effective in many applications where other lubricants are not recommended because of the danger of rapid reaction, ignition or explosion, such as industrial gas apparatuses.

When you work with potentially explosive gases and chemicals every day you need products that work as hard as you do to provide a safe and efficient work environment. SLX-900 brings stability to equipment in highly active chemical environments at high temperatures. It seals and lubricates while remaining impervious to its surroundings.

In high pressure systems, SLX-900 eradicates the risk of igniting lubricants, a typically vulnerable component. It significantly reduces chances of equipment failure (thus reducing downtime), lengthens the lifetime of machinery, and prevents unwanted friction andnoise. Using SLX-900 can extend your lubricating cycle to up to one year.

Choice of Industry Professionals:

Medical Industries Metal Production Aerospace Industries Welding Offshore Rigging Gas Industries Water Treatment Plants Steel Works Hospital Systems Diving Manufacturing Kilns & Furnaces Cryogenics Chemical Plants Electronics 

SLX-900 is a high performance, creamy, homogenous, white grease, based on perfluoropolyether (PFAE) and thickened with polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) making it stable and chemical resistant.SLX-900 is highly inert and will not react even at high temperatures with fuels, acids, inorganic alkalis, halogens, fuming nitric acid and oxidizing solutions.

SLX-900’s widethermal range ensures its effectiveness from -25°F to 500°F.

SLX-900 resists oxidation and chemical agents with enough power to withstand the rigors of industrial and chemical plants. This oxygen safe grease it is compatible with all types of materials (glass, metal, elastomers, plastomers, ceramics), allowing for great flexibility in the type of equipment and environment it treats.

SLX-900 Oxygen Safe Grease has:

  • Chemical Stability
  • Extreme high temperatures stability
  • Good low temperatures properties
  • Very good E.P. and wear characteristics
  • Good evaporative loss
  • Good viscosity indexes 

With exceptional chemical stability, SLX-900 is a totally halogenated, hydrogen-free carbon polymer and functions excellently as a valve and seal lubricant.The thick heaviness of this compound works to your advantage as SLX-900 stays in place, naturally forming long-lasting positive seals as it lubricates.

SLX-900 safely and competently acts as a thread compound for threaded tubing, even in the presence of chemically active materials. The oxygen safe compound thoroughly lubricates threading, stopping thread seizure or galling before it even starts.

This oxygen safe grease is compatible with most solvent-resistant plastic materials. We recommend testing compatibility with Buna S. Silicone Rubber or Natural Rubber seals before initial use to ensure optimal performance.

SLX-900 grease can be used in the presence of water, oil, vapor and nearly all organic substances(which are highly fluorinated) without emulsifying.This makes it highly desirable in underwater and manufacturing situations to seal valves, regulators, and gauges. SLX-900 is thermally stable, has no dropping point and can be used at high temperatures (such as glass-blowing and metal cutting, brazing, and smelting) and in oxidizing conditions.

Prevent oxygen leakage from equipment with SLX-900, minimizing fires andexplosions in high pressure applications that utilize O-rings, gaskets, bearings, and stop cocks.

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