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High Temperature Anti Seize/Grease

SL-HT 5000


Temperatures From -20°F (-28°C) To Over 1750°F (954°C)

SL-HT 5000 is an exceptional synthetic, anti-seize grease/lubricant specifically designed for use on machinery parts in extreme low temperature environments. This robust and heavily bodied Molybdenum-based, anti-seize grease provides excellent protection to machinery parts exposed to damaging elements, such as water, steam, caustics, harsh chemicals, most acids and alkalies.

Great Lubricating Qualities in Harsh Environments

SL-HT 5000’s unique waterproof formula is stiff, non-melting, stable, and highly concentrated. This anti-seize grease can be used in any application where your lubricant needs to stand up to severe temperature fluctuations – anywhere from -20°F (-28°C) to over 1750°F (954°C). It is also great for use in heavy sheer or high pressure assembly applications. SL-HT 5000 has a high chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction, high film strength, and firmly adheres to any metal surface.

SL-HT 5000 multi-purpose, long lasting, non-drip anti-seize grease offers excellent load support and a four-season, high viscosity index. This premium compound can be used in a wide variety of practical applications.

 Recommended for Use On:

Bearings • Cylinder Heads • Heat Exchangers • Threaded Surfaces • Lathe Centers • Gaskets • Pumps • Splines • Screws • Couplings • Headers • Manifolds • Threads • Bolts • Ways • Rock Drills • Bushings • Fittings • Nuts • Cams

SL-HT 5000 provides premium rust and corrosion protection as it seals, protects, lubricates, and decreases wear on valuable machine parts. After the product is applied on any reciprocating metallic machine part, this high-quality, anti-seize grease also prevents seizing, pitting, galling, and thread distortion.

Harsh environments and frigid outdoor temperatures are no match for the SL-HT 5000 low temperature anti-seize lubricant. SL-HT 5000’s high content of pure molybdenum disulfide also makes it resistant to water washout and oxidation. Because of the stability of the self-lubricating metallic solids within the SL-HT 5000 anti-seize compound this lubricant will last much longer than most traditional lubricating greases and oils.

SL-HT 5000’s Superior Abrasion Resistant Compound Offers Many Advantages

The friction fighting properties of SL-HT 5000’s special anti-seize compound offers you many advantages and benefits over traditional lubricants, greases, or oils. Among them are:

  • Longer cycles of lubrication allow less wear on expensive machine parts
  • Longer lubrication life means significantly reduced replacement inventory of anti-seize grease/lubricants
  • Fewer man hours required to reapply lubricants and maintain machinery
  • Less lubricant inventory equals more storage space
  • Fewer lubricant purchases lower operating costs
  • Less money spent on lubrication dispensing tools

Many Industries Can Benefit from SL-HT 5000’s Premium Low Temperature Protection

SL-HT 5000’s outstanding, low temperature formula offers superb protection to specialty machine parts used in many different industries, including:

Chemical • Mining • Railroad • Steel • Construction • Tool and Die • Agricultural • And Many More

Because SL-HT 5000 has a very high degree of thickness, it is not suitable to be injected through conventional grease fittings.

SL-HT 5000 is not recommended for use in bearings where RPM’s exceed 100.


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