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Food Grade Open Gear Lubricant

NT-OG 100


Extremely Tacky
High Temperatures up to 690°F (365ºC)

NT-OG 100 is an extremely tacky, crystal clear, USDA H1 rated open gear grease. Withstanding temperatures from -20°F to 690°F (-29ºC to 365ºC), it is ideal for use in the presence of extremely high temperatures. The finest and most tacky food grade grease on the market, NT-OG 100 should be your choice for all open gear applications — especially in USDA controlled applications to meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) food safety goals.

It is hard to overstate the stickiness of this product. Because of its extreme tackiness, NT-OG 100 will not sling off, regardless of rotation speed. This high temperature food grade grease handles heavy-duty open gear applications with ease.

For food industry applications, contamination from incidental food contact need not be a worry. NT-OG 100 is FDA compliant (title 21, CFR.178.3570), non-toxic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, biostatic (no biocides added), and completely safe. Odorless and absolutely water clear, NT-OG 100 will not leave behind a discernable smell or colored residue. If you are operating open gear machinery in any context that requires USDA approved greases and lubricants, this is the product for you. Cookers, bottle washers, and feather pickers are just a few of the countless application areas for NT-OG 100.

Apply to: open gear equipment ♦ food manufacturing cables ♦ fast moving conveyors ♦ food processing plant equipment ♦ food packaging machines ♦ conveyor bearings, etc.

High impact, extreme pressure, heavy shock loads, high torque, and continuous vibration are no match for NT-OG 100. When RPMs are high and another lubricant could sling off, NT-OG 100 stays put. This highly tenacious anti-fling lubricant can be applied to metal, composite material, and plastics and used wherever sliding, rubbing, rolling, other machinery contact exists. And, because this synthetic grease is completely crystal clear, you can see straight through it to check machinery while running as needed.

Excellent for use by: bakeries ♦ slaughter houses ♦ bottlers ♦ breweries ♦ wineries ♦ canneries ♦ dairy manufacturers ♦ frozen food plants ♦ produce processing plants ♦ pharmaceutical packaging ♦ cosmetic / care industry ♦ other clean environment industries.

Use NT-OG 100 with confidence on open gears, sprockets, cables, high-speed conveyor bearings, linkages, or any fast moving mechanisms. This high temperature food grade grease will even cling effectively to mechanisms subjected to moisture. It will not carbonize and it resists steam and water washout, staying put during washing and rinsing. You’ll be hard pressed to find another crystal clear lubricant that meets food grade requirements, that can be used in such extreme temperatures, and that offers such excellent results.

Apply in conditions of: high vibrations ♦ high temperatures ♦ high RPMs ♦ sliding surfaces ♦ non-toxic requirements.

For your convenience, NT-OG 100 is available in a variety of cartridge quantities and gallon packaging sizes. This extremely versatile high temperature food grade grease provides excellent lubrication and is cost effective, allowing you to replace a variety of other clean greases with this single product. Additionally, because it efficiently reduces friction, heat generation, and wear while preventing scoring and seizure, NT-OG 100 also saves you money by increasing the lifespan of costly machinery.

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