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Food Grade Cryogenic Grease



Food Grase Grease For Extreme Low Temperatures

For Extreme Low Temperatures

Temperatures From -100°F ( -73°C ) To 258°F ( 120°C )  

  • Liquid Nitrogen Processing
  • Freeze Dry Food Processing
  • USDA H1 Rated

When needing the finest Food Grade Grease for extreme low temperatures, look no further. SLC-500 is the product of choice for use in Food Packaging Operations, Coffee Freeze Dry Processing, Warehouses, Cold Storage and other processing areas that require the finest in food grade cryogenic lubrication.

This food grade cryogenic grease is synthetically thickened using PAO(Polyalphaolefin) additives. It is odorless, tasteless and is water white (clear) in color. Temperature fluctuations do not adversely affect SLC-500, as the viscosity of base oils remain constantly stable.

SLC-500 exhibits excellent stability when used in vacuum type fruit drying machines where temperatures drop rapidly. This cryogenic grease is not affected in these conditions and remains stable without being pulled or displaced. The proper lubrication time cycle should be established for each application as over lubricating  should be avoided.

This food grade cryogenic grease extends lubrication intervals and helps prevent downtime due to equipment failure. SLC-500 also prevents rust & corrosion. SLC-500 has no known dropping point and can be intermittently used in temperatures that exceed 300°F.

SLC-500 remains in place even when high speeds are present on conveyors and special types of packaging equipment.

Odorless • Tasteless • Water Clear

Excellent For:

Bearings Cams Slides Conveyors Hinges Rollers Bushings Packaging Equipment Couplings Latches Journals Lever Mechanisms

SLC-500 is excellent for use on equipment exposed to liquid nitrogen, used for 'quick freezing' food products and biological samples. The freeze drying process does not affect SLC-500 in extreme cold conditions as well as room temperature once the freezing cycle has been completed.

SLC-500 is available in standard 14 ounce grease gun cartridges as well as 48 Pound Bulk containers.

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