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Synthetic Bearing Grease

Tri Plex 1000


From -29°F (-33°C) To 605°F (318°C) Constant, 690°F (365°C) Intermittent

  • Useful In 90% Of Greasing Applications
  • Extreme Pressure
  • Extends Equipment Life
  • Prevents Downtime
  • Lowers Operating Costs 

Tri Plex 1000 is a multi-purpose synthetic bearing grease that can be used in 90% of greasing applications, including the vast majority of industrial, automotive, and marine applications. Offering general purpose versatility, this excellent high temperature grease is used widely for many other industrial applications as well, including those within the construction and mining industries.

Thanks to newer homogenization processes which stabilize base grease compounds, Tri Plex 1000 has improved lubrication qualities and can operate effectively over a wide temperature range of -29°F (-33°C) to 605°F (318°C) constant or to 690°F (365°C) intermittent. Exhibiting excellent high temperature oxidation and thermal stability, Tri Plex 1000 is a long lasting lubricant. This heavy duty, water resistant grease offers superior anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. It also provides ultra high resistance to water and steam washout. This top of the line lubricant is more effective than the competition and can replace most other greasing lubricants. Tri Plex 1000 can withstand salt spray, allowing it to be used effectively in seaside applications, such as oil platform equipment and equipment in coastal areas. Tri Plex 1000 is ideal for use in: high speed roller bearings, sleeve bearings, needle bearings, thrust bearings, plain bearings, anti-friction bearings, sealed life bearings, grease-lubricated gears and couplings, and most other bearings that are associated with in-plant production equipment

Ideal For Use On:

High Speed Roller Bearings • Sleeve Bearings • Needle Bearings • Thrust Bearings • Plain Bearings  • Anti-Friction Bearings • Sealed Life Bearings • Grease-Lubricated Gears & Coupling • Most Other Bearings Associated With In-Plant Production Equipment

Thanks to its unique characteristics, Tri Plex 1000 is quite possibly the finest general purpose synthetic grease that Superior Industries offers. Tri Plex 1000 is field tested and proven to be what we believe is the finest synthetic bearing grease on the market today. With a Timken Load Rating of 80+, this multi-purpose grease is considered to be an extreme pressure grease. Extreme pressure and sudden shock loads cannot cause Tri Plex 1000 to extrude from lubricating interface areas. When applied, Tri Plex 1000 exhibits anti-seize  characteristics as it immediately plates out a metallic film onto all metal working parts without a burnishing period. Note that existing grease does not have to be purged prior to application  of Tri Plex 1000.

Use For:

Industrial Applications • Automotive Application • Marine Applications • Construction Applications • Mining Applications

This dark red grease increases lubrication intervals and virtually eliminates bearing failure and costly downtime. After you make the switch to Tri Plex 1000, there’s no longer a need to use multiple types of greases; Tri Plex 1000 is highly recommended for use in almost all greasing applications – plant-wide. Reducing the number of different lubricants in use is a streamlining that can save you time and money by reducing inventory, simplifying maintenance, and eliminating the possibility of error caused by using multiple greases.

Heavy Duty | Long Lasting | Anti-Rust | Anti-Corrosion | Resists Water & Steam Washout | Withstands Salt Spray

Tri Plex 1000 does not employ any clay based thickeners. Instead, it is formulated with the finest di ester based fluids. When greases utilize clay based thickeners, problems with “bake out” and “carbonization” arise if the grease is used for high temperature applications. Thanks to Tri Plex 1000’s use of di ester based fluids and its incorporation of Molybdenum Disulfide, this synthetic bearing grease is able to withstand both high temperatures and extreme pressure. Molybdenum provides optimal lubrication in elevated temperatures while demonstrating “no seize” attributes.

  • Available In 14 Oz Cartridges, 48 Lb Containers, & 120 Lb Containers
  • Available In NLGI Grades 1, 2, or 3

Tri Plex 1000 is available in 14 oz cartridges, 48 lb containers, and 120 lb containers, and is available in NLGI Grades 1, 2 or 3. (Grade 1 would be considered light viscosity for grease, Grade 2 is standard, and Grade 3 is a very stiff grease.) SynLube #1 has a worked penetration of 265-295, a water washout rating of .5, and no dropping point. This grease basically gives off no odor at all. Tri Plex 1000 can be applied by hand grease gun, central lube system, etc. Protect your expensive industrial, automotive, and marine production equipment by applying Tri Plex 1000 superior synthetic bearing grease. It’s called “#1” for a reason!

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