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Synthetic Semi-Fluid Grease



-20°F (-29°C) To 450°F (232°C) 

SFG #800 is a synthetic semi-fluid grease that contains pure molybdenum. This grease is able to ensure a very low coefficient of friction by providing high lubricity throughout a wide application temperature range of -20°F (-29°C) to 450°F (232°C). And, thanks to that wide application temperature range, this premium grease is well-suited for numerous applications. Simply applying a very thin film of SFG #800 is all that it takes to adequately lubricate bearings, cams, open gears, slides, and more. SFG #800 has the softness necessary to apply to these surface types and is formulated to effectively keep metal surfaces separated. There are literally unlimited specific applications for SFG #800 (just one of which is application to leaky gear boxes with inadequate speeds). 

Uses: Bearings  •  Cams    Open Gears    Slides    And More

You can count on SFG #800 to plate onto all surfaces because it contains an incredibly slick special fluorocarbon that has .02 micron particles. It is able to create a strong film as these particles are able to place themselves into the application surface and change the friction characteristics of the surface – making it very smooth and significantly minimizing friction. Another excellent characteristic of SFG #800 is its extreme pressure resistance.

Long Lasting | Strong Film

Reduces Friction and Wear | Multi-Use Lubrication

SFG #800 distinguishes itself above the competition. Unlike many greases, SFG #800 will not channel. Unlike oils, SFG #800 is able to retain itself. And because it has a synthetic base, this grease is able to last longer than non-synthetic greases could – which results in fewer and less frequent re-applications of lubricant. These are just a few of the examples of the advantages this synthetic semi-fluid grease offers above and beyond typical greases and oils.

Will Not Channel | Able To Retain Itself

SFG #800 contains pure molybdenum, which is a transition metal that is used industrially in high pressure, temperature resistant greases. It has excellent lubrication characteristics and holds the distinction of having one of the highest melting points of all the elements. Molybdenum provides optimal lubrication in elevated temperatures while demonstrating “no seize” attributes. It also contributes to corrosion resistance and acts as an anti-wear agent.

Extends Equipment Life | Prevents Downtime | Lowers Operating Costs

As SFG #800 reduces the amount of friction present, the wear and tear otherwise caused to your equipment is reduced (which results in increased equipment life). Due to its long-lasting synthetic base, SFG #800 is able to reduce the frequency of required maintenance (as it requires fewer re-applications of lubricant). Subsequently, when lubrication intervals are prolonged, less grease is consumed, and when there is less downtime due to maintenance, there is less cost due to downtime. Thus, SFG #800 will serve to extend equipment life, increase lubrication intervals and minimize costly downtime – and this translates into a savings of time and money for you.

Available In 48 Lb Containers & 120 Lb Containers

SFG #800 is available in 48 pound and 120 pound containers. This grease, which is dark metallic in color, has a shelf life of two years and is categorized as NLGI Grade 0. SFG #800 has a worked penetration of 355-385 (ASTM D-217), a water washout rating of 1.0 (ASTM D-1264), a rust preventative rating of 1a (ASTM D-1743), and no dropping point (ASTM D-2265). Buy SFG #800 today to protect your equipment and reduce the cost and effort of damaging wear and tear.

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