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Multi Purpose Synthetic Grease



The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Synthetic Lubricant

From -29°F (-33°C) To 605°F (318°C) Constant - Intermittent to 690°F (365°C)

Si-123 Eliminates Most Bearing Failure

Existing Grease DOES NOT Need To Be Purged

  • Hi Speed Roller Bearings
  • Sleeve Bearings
  • Needle Bearings
  • Thrust Bearings

Ultra High Resistance To Water & Steam Washout

A true multi-purpose synthetic grease, Si-123 has exceptional and unique characteristics. Si-123 can be used in a vast majority of industrial, automotive and marine greasing applications. To be more specific, Si-123 can actually replace most greasing lubricants as it is more effective in a wide variety of applications. It is considered an extreme pressure grease with a Timken Load Rating of 80+.

High Temperature Multi Purpose Synthetic Grease, Excellent For Bearings, Conveyors etc.

Another unique characteristic of Si-123 is it’s ability to withstand higher temperatures up to 605°F (318°C). It is recommend for use in most all plant wide greasing applications. Si-123 synthetic grease has proven to reduce bearing failure and downtime costs, thus making it a true product of choice when choosing a grease for expensive automotive, marine and industrial production equipment. Si-123 has excellent anti rust and anti corrosion properties as well as superior resistance to water washout. Si-123 eliminates the need for using several types of greases and reduces maintenance costs by consolidating and reducing the number of lubricants being used.

Si-123 has been formulated using the finest di ester based fluids while using no clay based thickeners. Most greases are compounded using clay type thickeners which can create problems such as “bake out” and “carbonization” in high temperature applications. The ability to withstand “extreme pressure” and “high temperatures is enhanced by incorporating Molybdenum Disulfide into Si-123. Molybdenum has been proven to exhibit the optimum characteristics for lubrication because of it’s ability to withstand elevated temperatures along with providing “no seize” attributes.

Si-123 is recommended for use in roller bearings, sleeve bearings, needle bearings, thrust bearings and most other bearings associated with in-plant production equipment. 

Si-123 is also used extensively in the automotive, mining, construction, marine and many other industrial associated greasing applications.

High Temperature Multi Purpose Synthetic Grease, Excellent For Bearings, Conveyors etc.

In addition, Si-123 has shown the ability to withstand “salt spray” making it an ideal choice for equipment operating on oil platforms as well as equipment located in coastal areas.

Si-123 extends equipment life, helps prevent equipment downtime and lowers operating costs.

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