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Tungsten Disulfide Grease

Lubra Plex 4000


Extreme Temperature & Extreme Pressure Grease with Tungsten AdditiveTemperatures From –4°F (-20°C) to 1472°F (800°C)

Extreme Temperatures | Extreme Pressures

High Speed Bearings

Lubra Plex 4000 is unmatched in its ability to withstand the harshest temperatures and most severe pressures. Compounded with the finest ingredients available, Lubra Plex 4000 combines a high viscosity synthetic base oil, tungsten disulfide particles, and special additives for an unparalleled result. In addition to operating at extreme temperatures and extreme pressures, this tungsten disulfide grease was created to operate on high speed bearings. Formulated for professional use, this top quality lubricating grease features exceptional service life, advanced stability, and first-rate load bearing properties.

High Temperature Tungsten Based Grease

  • Exceptional Service Life
  • Advanced Stability

First-Rate Load Bearing Properties

Lubra Plex 4000 is ideal for use anywhere the most extreme temperatures and pressures demand a superior grease that can withstand extreme conditions. Lubra Plex 4000 has ideal properties for bearing grease application and is useful for both high load and impact load applications. This is the case because of its strong resistance to abrasion and its impressive extreme pressure properties. Unlike our DSF-5000 high temperature synthetic grease, Lubra Plex 4000 is specifically formulated to operate at both extreme pressures and high speed bearings.

Excellent For High Temp Conveyor Chains, Roller, Bearings

Ideal For Use In: The Most Extreme Conditions  •  Both High Load & Impact Load Applications

Lubra Plex 4000’s exceptional extreme pressure (EP) properties and high load bearing properties are due to the tungsten disulfide particles it contains (tungsten disulfide has a high load bearing property of 300,000 psi). Tungsten disulfide, one the most lubricious materials one the planet, can offer a dry lubricity that no other substance can match and is the superior disulfide for use in high temperature and high pressure applications. Tungsten disulfide grease can be used in place of molybdenum disulfide grease (sometimes referred to as moly disulfide grease) and graphite grease, to the betterment of the operation.  Molybdenum and tungsten come from the same chemical family and have been around equally long, and although molybdenum has traditionally been the more popular choice (due to easy availability and previous lower cost), its rising cost has put it in a comparable price range with tungsten. It is now more economically feasible to use tungsten disulfide, which is a superior disulfide as it is both heavier and more stable than molybdenum. (See the chart below for a thorough comparison of tungsten disulfide and molybdenum disulfide.)

Tungsten Grease Withstands Extreme Pressures & Heavy Loads

Lubra Plex 4000:

  • Is Highly Resistant To Abrasion, Rust, Water, & Humidity
  • Is Exceptionally Mechanical Stable Under High Shear
  • Won’t Solidify At Higher Temperatures
  • Has a Very High Dropping Point
  • Has The Lowest Coefficient Of Friction

This tungsten disulfide grease is highly resistant to rust, water, and humidity in the environment, and it offers exceptional mechanical stability under high shear. With an application temperature range of -4°F (-20°C) to 1472°F (800°C), Lubra Plex 4000 is equipped to take on the most extreme temperature conditions. Lubra Plex 4000 also has a very high dropping point, which is above 608°F (320°C). Its high dropping point means that this tungsten disulfide grease won’t solidify at higher temperatures. Not only does Lubra Plex 4000 have a very high dropping point, it also has the lowest coefficient of friction when compared to other high temperature greases.

Tungsten Grease withstands the most extreme high temperatures

Available In 14 Ounce (400 gram) Cartridges & 40 Pound (18 kg) Containers

For the convenience of our customers, Lubra Plex 4000 is available in both 14 ounce (400 gram) cartridges and 40 lb (18 kg) containers.  Offering a long operational life at peak performance, excellent stability, and unsurpassed load bearing, Lubra Plex is the extreme high temperature, extreme pressure grease of choice.

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