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Roofing Products

Maintain, repair, and protect your roof with Superior Industry’s top-of-the-line roof repair and roof cleaning products. These coatings, cleaners, and reinforcing fabrics are perfect for residential or commercial roofs, as well as RVs, sheds, metal buildings, barns, and mobile homes. Our products are easy-to-use and versatile, making them ideal for DIY roof cleaning and maintenance as well as professional contractors and construction companies. Try our roofing products on concrete, asphalt, shingled, metal, wood, EPDM, or Modified Bitumen roofs.

Remove mold and mildew from shingle and tiled roofs with our biodegradable all-purpose roof cleaner—also effective on cedar shake shingles. DIY roof cleaning brightens dull, striped, or blackened shingles and improves the look of the entire house, apartment, or garage. Our roof cleaning product safely cleans other outdoor surfaces as well—try it on your deck, patio, or walkways.


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No roof repair product arsenal would be complete without roof patching supplies. Repair roof leaks with our ultra-convenient multi-use aerosol spray or a professional strength leak repair cement, effective in dry or wet conditions. These rubber sealants effectively stop leaks around flashing, vents, gutters, ducts, seams, chimneys, and air conditioning/HVAC units—ideal for homeowners, apartment complexes, and maintenance departments. Don’t get caught prolonging leaks when you can have industrial strength repair materials on hand.

For larger leaks—such as holes, cracks wider than ¼ inch, breaks, and blisters—ensure a permanent patch using a powerful combination of reinforcing fabric and professional roof leak repair cement. These roof repair materials are available in black asphalt or white, ready to apply to either asphalt or non-asphalt roofing bases. Our rubberized roof foundation coatings also seal, protect, and blend in with aluminum (or other metals), asphalt, or concrete, utilizing strong, elastomeric properties that flex to keep up with change in weather, temperature, and shifting surfaces. These coatings are excellent for sealing skylights and other potential trouble spots, for protection for up to 10 years. Ideal industrial and agricultural applications include cooling towers, grain bins, trailers, warehouses, and storage bins.

Make your application of protective roof coating even more beneficial by choosing Superior’s reflective energy-conserving roof coating. Its white protective membrane reflects solar energy, significantly lowering interior temperature and energy usage while extending the life of the roof. This resource-saving roof coating can especially reduce costs for large commercial buildings such as retail spaces, hospitals, arenas, public venues, and manufacturing facilities.