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White Reinforcing Roof Fabric

#403 Reinforcing Fabric


Strengthen & Reinforce Patchwork

Use With The Coating Of Your Choice

White Fabric

#403 Reinforcing Fabric is a strong, resin treated glass patching fabric that is specially designed for patching holes and cracks. #403 Reinforcing Fabric serves to reinforce patchwork and add dependability to repair jobs. This superior quality white fabric was formulated for use where non asphalt base coatings (such as white cements and coatings) require white fabric for satisfactory appearance. Maximum durability is achieved when you add #403 Reinforcing Fabric into your roof patch coating. This easy to apply resin treated glass patching fabric is best suited for repairing cracks that are 1/4 inch wide or wider. #403 Reinforcing Fabric is ideal for repairs on seams, cracks, flashings, gutters, and blisters.

Uses: Seams • Cracksn • Flashings • Gutters •  Blisters

Recommended For Use With Sentry Seal 100 Roof Coating 

Easy To Apply | Maximum Durability & Dependability

#403 Reinforcing Fabric can be used with the patch materials and coatings of your choice, and we highly recommend Sentry Seal 100 for your consideration. Sentry Seal 100 is a patching material that can stop leaks instantly. It bonds quickly – even in spite of surface moisture and liquid – and clings rapidly where conventional cements won’t. Offering 10 year protection against leaks, this fiber-reinforced, dependable patching material is durable and long-lasting. Sentry Seal 100 repels water and stays flexible even after drying. This black, asphalt-based patching compound is easy to apply with a trowel and can be applied to asphalt shingles, built-up roofs, modified roofs, and metal roofs. Sentry Seal 100 is also ideal for use on flashings, metal joints, seams, splits, coping, chimneys, skylights, and vents. It is available in 1 gallon cans and 5 gallon pails. If you’re looking to make fast and lasting repair to a commercial or residential location, check out Superior Industries’ Sentry Seal 100 professional roof leak repair.

Available In 4 Inch x 50 Foot Rolls

#403 Reinforcing Fabric is available in rolls that are 4 inches wide by 50 feet long.

The unit weight is .4 pounds. This resin treated glass patching fabric does not give off any apparent odor. Note that #403 Reinforcing Fabric is intended for exterior application only.

Surface preparation is vital in order to achieve optimal adhesion. To prepare the surface, clean off any loose debris and dirt present, and allow any moisture to dry. Add roof cement (such as Sentry Seal 100) to the area of defect, extending it to three inches past the borders of the defected area. Center the reinforcing glass fabric over the defect and spot stick, then press in place. Add a topcoat layer of roof cement so that the fabric sits between two layers of roof cement material.

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