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10 Year White Roof Coating

Energy Star Kote


10 Year Protection | Up To 35%Energy Savings | Energy Star Rated
Apply To most Roofing Materials | Pure White Color

Introducing a protective roof coating that can truly deliver when it comes to energy savings. The first of its kind, Energy Star Kote is a pure white coating that forms a sturdy-but-flexible protective membrane over rooftop surfaces, guarding roofs from the elements and simultaneously lowering internal temperatures – resulting in significant energy savings. Thanks to Energy Star Kote’s excellent reflectivity, this bright white coating is able to make a big difference in a building’s interior temperature, which translates into financial savings on lowered cooling costs. Application of Energy Star Kote can actually result in an energy savings of up to 35%. Now that’s a great savings! This pure white, 100% acrylic elastomeric coating forms a rubber membrane and can be applied over a variety of roof materials, including EPDM roofs, APP and SBS modified bitumen, old asphalt coatings, composition build-up, polyurethane foam, mobile homes and RV’s, metal roofs, concrete, wood, and more.

Use In:

EPDM Roofs • APP & SBS Mod. Bitumen • Old Asphalt Coatings •  Composition Build-Up • Polyurethane Foam • Mobile Homes & RV’s • Metal, Concrete, Wood, & More

Energy Star Kote’s special high solids formula creates a maximum film build in minimal coats. This 10 year protective roof coating is Energy Star rated. Energy Star Kote provides superior adhesion, clinging on strong to almost all types of roofing materials. Offering excellent reflectivity and low temperature flexibility, Energy Star Kote is perfectly formulated to get the job done right. This tough, durable membrane meets and exceeds requirements of ASTM D6083.

Excellent Reflectivity | Low Temp Flexibility | Superior Adhesion

High Solids Formula | Maximum Film Build | Meets ASTM D6083

Energy Star Kote is available in 1 gallon pails and 5 gallon pails. The coverage range is about 50-75 square feet per gallon (per coat). Each 5 gallon pail will coat about 250-350 square feet of roof surface (per coat). Two coats are recommended. Energy Star Kote  dries to the touch in 2-3 hours and a second coat can be applied after 6-8 hours. Note that Energy Star Kote is not recommended for use on shingled roofs, gravel, or dead level (flat) roof surfaces. Do not thin, freeze, or store at temperatures below 50°F (°C). Energy Star Kote is intended for exterior application only.

Available In 1 Gallon Pails & 5 Gallon Pails

Before Applying Energy Star Kote

When repairing areas with cracks or splits greater than 1/4”, it is recommended #403 Glass Fabric Repair be used to reinforce these areas. This material is white in color and is the preferred product for reinforcing when using Energy Star Kote 10 Year Roof Coating. For complete application and packaging details on this reinforcing fabric, please see the #403 web page.

Proper surface preparation is important to ensure optimal adhesion. Clean the roof of all debris, dust, and dirt. Remove any mildew, oil, grease, rust, or other foreign substances on the roof’s surface. Let fresh asphalt roofs cure for at least 4 weeks before applying Energy Star Kote. Scrub the roof down with a bleach solution (1 part chlorine bleach to 3 parts water) or roof cleaner. Rinse and let dry. For EPDM roofs, it is especially important to make sure all debris (including embedded clay) is removed if proper adhesion is to be achieved. On EPDM roofs, pressure wash the whole surface (using a wide tip to prevent tears) after scrubbing with bleach solution or roof cleaner. Let dry. To apply, thoroughly stir the pail (do not dilute!) and apply via soft brush, high pressure spraying (Tip Size: .021 to .025), or ¾” nap paint roller. Apply a second coat for added durability, warranty purposes, and optimal performance. Do not allow material to dry on tools; for clean-up, simply wash with water. The application temperature minimum is 60°F (15.5°C) and rising. If the temperature is predicted to drop below 60°F (15.5°C) within a 24 hour period, do not apply. Also, do not apply is rain is imminent or forecasted within a 24 hours period. If the area is one in which fog or dew is prone to accumulate in the evening, coat in the morning and complete by early afternoon in order to prevent wash off (which occurs if fog, dew, or rain moves in before the coating is dry)

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