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Professional Roof Leak Cement

Sentry Seal 100


  • 10 Year Protection
  • Fiber Reinforced
  • For Wet Or Dry Surfaces

Stops Leaks Instantly

Instantly stop roof leaks with Sentry Seal 100, a superior quality sealing compound that is both long lasting and easy to use. Sentry Seal 100 is formulated with a combination of refined asphalts and adhesion promoters. In other words, it is specially formulated to bond quickly – despite surface moisture. Sentry Seal 100 sticks where conventional cements don’t; it clings rapidly to dry, moist, damp, and even wet application surfaces. Sentry Seal 100 provides 10 year protection against leaks and seepage. This trowel grade, multi-purpose patching material is fiber reinforced for added strength and dependability. This professional roof leak repair creates a seal that stays flexible, so cracks and tears won’t be an issue again. Sentry Seal 100 actually repels water – displacing it from wet surfaces. For this reason, this all weather roof patch can literally be used in all weather conditions – rain or shine, wet or dry. Apply to asphalt shingles, built-up roofs, modified roofs, and metal roofs. Sentry Seal 100 is ideal for use on roofs, flashings, metal joints, seams, splits, coping, chimneys, skylights, and vents.

Use On: Roofs • Flashings • Metal Joints • Seams & Splits • Coping • Chimneys • Skylights • Vents

Apply To:
Asphalt Shingles • Built-Up Roofs • Modified Roofs • Metal Roofs

Seal your roof’s splits and cracks so they won’t cause interior damage in the next driving storm. This black, leak-stopping material will seal your roof up tight; Sentry Seal 100 is the roof patch you can count on.  This asphalt-based patching compound can be used in new construction or repair work and is easy to apply with a trowel.

No mixing is required, helping ensure quick, error-free application. This professional roof leak repair is useful for both commercial and residential applications. Simply apply wherever a long lasting, professional quality roof patching material is called for.

Recommended For Use With #303 Reinforcing Fabric

When repairing larger cracks and crevices, we recommend that you use Sentry Sea

l 100 in combination with #303 Reinforcing Fabric. #303 Reinforcing Fabric is a specially designed black asphalt saturated fabric that is perfectly suited for strengthening repairs. #303 Reinforcing Fabric is ideal for strengthening repairs on seams, flashings, gutters, cracks, breaks, and blisters. This easy to apply reinforcing material makes long-lasting repairs a cinch. And because #303 Reinforcing Fabric is coated in asphalt, it ensures the best possible cohesion with roof patching materials. Ensure the success of your roof repair and make that needed repair really last by adding in a layer of #303 Reinforcing Fabric. It is available in rolls that are 6 inches wide by 50 feet long.

Combines Refined Asphalts & Adhesion Promoters

Bonds Quickly | Repels Water | Stays Flexible

Sentry Seal 100 is available in 1 gallon cans and 5 gallon pails. It offers a coverage range of about 12 sq. ft. per gallon at ? inch thick. Sentry Seal 100 is dry to the touch in 8-24 hours (varying based on the weather). This professional roof leak repair has a total VOC of 300 gm/liter (max) and meets ASTM D-4586, Type II requirements. Sentry Seal 100 is not meant to be heated or thinned and is intended for exterior application only.

Available In 1 Gallon Cans & 5 Gallon Pails

Long Lasting | Easy To Use | Trowel Apply

Proper surface preparation is important to ensure optimal adhesion. To apply, thoroughly clean the surface of dust, oil, dirt, and loose particles with a broom or brush. If there are any loose parts and laps, secure them with nails. Use a trowel to spread Sentry Seal 100, covering the surface about ?” thick. Be sure to smooth down all edges. Trowel Sentry Seal 100 onto splits, blisters, and cracks and cover three inches around the affected areas to mend them. Embed the asphalt coated glass fabric into the newly patched area and cover over with a topcoat layer of Sentry Seal 100. Use waterless hand cleaner to clean up directly after using.

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