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Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating

#5500 Aluminum Coating


10 Year Protection | Brightest Aluminum Available

The Professional’s Choice

#5500 Aluminum Coating is a premium quality fibered aluminum roof coating that offers 10 year protection. The brightest aluminum available, #5500 Aluminum Coating offers excellent reflectivity, and its special formulation provides added durability. Thanks to its unique blend of fiber, waterproofing asphalts, and superior leafing aluminum pigments, #5500 Aluminum Coating is able to reflect solar heat, resulting in significant interior temperature improvements. #5500 Aluminum Coating provides superior adhesion to most surfaces, creating a strong bond that lasts. And not only does it provide a lasting bond, its bright aluminum color is also able to last – retaining its brightness for longer. Protect roof surfaces from the harsh elements by applying #5500 Aluminum Coating. #5500 Aluminum Coating is ideal for use on concrete roofs, built-up roofs, metal roofs, weathered asphalt coatings, MOD. Bitumen SBS/APP, mobile homes, metal buildings/grain bins, and more.


Concrete Roofs • Built-Up Roofss • Metal Roofs • Weathered Asphalt Coatings  • MOD Bitumen SBS/APP • Mobile Homes • Metal Buildings/Grain Bins • And More

The professional’s choice in energy saving sealants, this premium fibered aluminum roof coating is able to effectively reduce heat build up and keep interiors of building cooler. Interior areas directly beneath the roof will become 15-20 degrees cooler after #5500 Aluminum Coating is applied. This silver colored coating lowers summertime interior temperatures and reduces wintertime energy costs by reflecting inside heat back into the building.

Make Repairs Before Coating With #403 Reinforcing Fabric

When repairs need to be made prior to coating, we recommend that you use #5500 Aluminum Coating in combination with #403 Reinforcing Fabric.  #403 Reinforcing Fabric is a strong, resin treated glass patching fabric that is specially designed for patching holes and cracks ¼ inch wide or wider. #403 Reinforcing Fabric serves to reinforce patchwork and add dependability to repair jobs. This superior quality white fabric was formulated for use where non asphalt base coatings (such as white cements and coatings) require white fabric for satisfactory appearance. Maximum durability of repairs is achieved when you add #403 Reinforcing Fabric to #5500 Aluminum Coating. It is available in 4 inch by 50 foot rolls. This easy to apply reinforcing fabric is ideal for repairs on seams, cracks, flashings, gutters, and blisters.

Seals, Protects, Reflects

Available In 1 Gallon Pails & 5 Gallon Pails

#5500 Aluminum Coating is available in both 1 gallon pails and 5 gallon pails. The approximate coverage range is 70-100 square feet per gallon on metal surfaces and 40-60 square feet per gallon on composition surfaces. The net weight is 9.5 pounds for 1 gallon pails and 49 pounds for 5 gallon pails. Allow 24 hours to dry (depending on weather conditions). #5500 Aluminum Coating meets the requirements of ASTM D 1227, Type III.

proper surface preparation is important to ensure proper adhesion. Before applying, repair any holes, cracks, and splits with #403 Reinforcing Fabric. Let repairs sit and weather for 30 days (minimum) prior to coating. Thoroughly clean the surface by removing dust, dirt, and loose debris with a broom. Use detergent and water to remove any oil and grease, then rinse completely. Use a broom to remove excess water and let dry. Mix the coating comprehensively prior to, and during, application. Coat the complete surface in a uniform manner with a roofing brush or roller. Do not apply #5500 Aluminum Coating if heavy dew or rain is expected within the 24 hours following application or if the temperature is expected to drop below 50°F (10°C) within 12 hours of application. Don’t apply on wet/damp surfaces, or to roofs which hold water because standing water will bring about premature failure. Use waterless hand cleaner to clean up immediately after using this fibered aluminum roof coating. This product is not meant to be heated or thinned and is intended for exterior application only. Do not store at temperatures above 100°F (37.8°C).

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