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Synthetic Oils

Synthetic oils not only match the benefits of conventional oil—protection against wear and tear, greater efficiency, heat dissipation, etc.—they outpace conventional materials with their long life and a lack of carbon buildup. Synthetics save time, money, and machinery, all valuable commodities for manufacturing, construction, and industrial settings. Our synthetic oils have been specially formulated for temperature extremes and unceasing activity.

Give nothing but top-of-the-line care to critical turbine gears and gearboxes—check out Superior Industries’ high performance synthetic turbine oil for steam, gas, hydroelectric, and marine turbine gears. Not only does this product protect metal gears by maintaining the necessary viscosity across a range of temperatures, but it also reduces oil consumption and maintenance, resulting in less down time for repairs and drain intervals. Along with improved efficiency, you can also expect the very finest thermal and oxidation stability for turbines in dams, power plants, factories, and engines. Low volatility and additives designed to prevent foaming and corrosion, as well as aids in air release, improve all around efficiency and safety.


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For other automotive, mining, construction, and manufacturing gears and gearboxes, turn to our synthetic gear oil for maximum protection. As a synthetic oil, our gear lubricant significantly outlasts conventional oils by dissipating heat, resulting in lower operating temperatures and longer life for machinery. In fact, our synthetic gear oil can also eliminate gearbox leaks, reduce gear wear, and prevent damage from sheared gear teeth. So why not put it to work for you?

For high temperature chain applications, look no further than Superior’s extreme temperature chain oil. Designed for high temperature manufacturing equipment—such as oven chains, tenter frames, curing ovens, drying ovens, and hot conveyor chains—this silicone-free synthetic oil displays a high viscosity index and thermal and oxidation stability at temperatures up to 1015o F. Textile, fiberglass, particleboard, and plastics manufacturers find that using our extreme temperature synthetic oil extends cleaning intervals, reduces drag and downtime, and lessens energy consumption for their machinery. Invest in long-lasting lubrication that prevents carbon build-up in expensive production equipment.

We also offer superior synthetic oils for low temperature hydraulic and gear applications. Our cryogenic oils brave cold weather and temperature changes for high film strength and low pour points at sub-zero operating temperatures. However, this non-foaming oil also features all-weather efficiency for year-round prevention of wear and tear on outdoor or stationary hydraulic systems, snow plow cylinders, wheel chair lifts, auto transporter cylinders, lift gates, dock levers, boom trucks, snow excavators, and well service pumps. Prevent sludge, rust, freezing, corrosion, and unnecessary friction from compromising the winter readiness of your heavy equipment.