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Synthetic Cryogenic Gear Oil



-87°F (-66°C) to 265°F (129°C)  

SCO #808 is a top quality cryogenic gear oil. Formulated with the finest ingredients available, this cryogenic lubricant satisfies the demands of all varieties of gear boxes that operate in sub-zero conditions. SCO #808 offers high film strength and, thanks to its “plating” properties, it continuously deposits a synthetic metallic film that lubricates all gears and bearings (similar to a dry film). SCO #808 has a wide application temperature range of -87°F (-66°C) to 265°F (129°C). This low temperature gear oil offers a pour point of -80°F (-66°C) and a demulsibility at 180°F (82°C) of 40/40/0 (30). SCO #808 is ideal for use in coffee processors, well service pumps, barrier gate operators, tow tractors, cooling tower drives, and anywhere gear box temperatures are way below normal.

SCO #808 is especially ideal for equipment that experiences extreme temperature changes, such as the wide variations caused by seasonal changes in the weather. This cryogenic gear oil works excellently under unusual operating conditions (such as when applied to hydraulic lift trucks that are subject to traveling between locations which are hot and those which are cold). SCO #808 is the low temperature gear box oil of choice for all gear boxes that operate continuously in sub-zero/artic, or “deep soak,” conditions.


• Coffee Processors
• Well Service Pumps
• Barrier Gate Operators
• Tow Tractors
• Cooling Tower Drives
• Anywhere Gear Box Temperatures Are Way Below Normal

SCO #808 is able to prevent metal-to-metal contact under almost any conditions, and it also prevents rust and corrosion. This dark metallic lubricant protects against wear and tear, such as metal fatigue and break-downs, thus preempting expensive repair costs and the labor, downtime, and financial strain associated therewith. By reducing friction and thereby reducing gearing losses, SCO #808 helps minimalize energy requirements, which lowers the cost of electric power. And when friction goes down, component life goes up. Even when using on case hardened gears, SCO #808 is able to guard against destructive friction-based breakages. Use SCO #808 and you’ll notice your machines will need fewer part replacements and experience less downtime. 

Available In 48 Lb & 120 Lb Containers  

Synthetic gear oils, such as SCO #808, are able to exceed the performance limitations of mineral gear oils. Some of the great advantages of synthetic oils include: improved viscosity-temperature behavior, improved low temperature properties, lower evaporation losses, improved thermal and oxidation resistance, and lower tendency to form residues. In this case, SCO #808 synthetic gear oil is able to withstand extremely low temperatures without losing any of its superior lubricating abilities.

SCO #808 is available in both 48 Lb and 120 Lb containers. 

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