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Synthetic Gear Oil



♦ Completely Stops Most Leaks 
♦ Eliminates Excessive Gear Wear 
♦ Lowers Amperage Consumption

Ultra-Matic is the pinnacle of high strength, extreme pressure synthetic gear oils, reducing gear box leakage and nearly eliminating gear wear. It dissipates heat at a truly exceptional rate and can lower operating temperatures by 10% or more. Ideal for use as a lubricant or refill lubricant in high performance gear box equipment, all varieties of enclosed gear mechanisms, and equipment that produces “shock load” start-ups.

- Outlasts Conventional Gear Oils 5 To 1, Guaranteed
- Prevents Dry Starts

This synthetic gear oil will not foam – even under heavy loads. Ultra-Matic exhibits excellent extreme pressure properties and produces a strong, clinging film. Dry starts will no longer be an issue after you apply Ultra-Matic.

Leaky seals need no longer be a concern, as Ultra-Matic ends leakage thanks to its non-foaming properties and non-newtonian behavior. Even older industrial manufacturing equipment is brought back to life with Ultra-Matic synthetic gear oil, which powerfully softens older seals, keeping lubrication in place and stopping constant gear box leakage in its tracks.

Ultra-Matic saves you money by reducing drag friction and thereby eliminating dry starts, which lowers amperage consumption by about 10%. It also goes a lot farther than the competition, extending oil change intervals by at least five times. And by minimizing wear thanks to its superior film thickness on gear teeth, Ultra Matic prevents metal fatigue and breakdowns, thus preempting expensive repair costs and the associated the labor and downtime. Finally, the reduction in frictional heat results in an increased component life.

Apply To:
High Performance Gear Box Equipment ♦ Heavy Duty Industrial Transmissions ♦ Equipment Producing “Shock Load” Start-ups ♦  Gear Trains that Experience High Loads & Impact Loads

Use On: Bevel Gears ♦ Spiral Gears ♦ Spur Gears ♦ Herringbone Gears ♦ Hypoid Gears

Apply Ultra-Matic to prevent gear failure and seal rupture in extreme pressure settings where foaming would be likely to occur, and then rest easy – even if somehow gear box failure does occur due to sheared gear teeth or blown seals, Ultra-Matic’s tenacious film will prevent further damage.

Your high performance gear box equipment will love Ultra-Matic. It can also be used effectively in all types of heavy-duty industrial transmissions and gear trains – even under conditions of high load and impact loads. High temperatures are also managed effectively by Ultra-Matic, which significantly flattens the viscosity temperature slope (reducing the viscosity change due to increasing temperatures under isothermal conditions) – allowing it to carry greater loads when steep rises in temperature occur.

Industries Used In: Manufacturing ♦ Automotive ♦ Construction ♦ Mining ♦ Paper Mill

Known For: Anti-Wear ♦ Anti-Leak ♦ Anti-Foam ♦ Superior Demulsibility ♦ High Film Strength ♦ Excellent High Temp & Oxidation Stability

Petroleum gear oils and mineral gear oils simply cannot measure up to the performance characteristics of Ultra-Matic. Synthetic oils, such as Ultra-Matic, offer the advantages of: improved viscosity-temperature behavior, improved low temperature properties, lower evaporation losses, improved thermal and oxidation resistance, and lower tendency to form residues. This di-ester based synthetic gear oil includes molybdenum disulfide and synthetic additives that make it the best of the best, surpassing the highest attainable rating for products of its kind (FZG stage 12). We absolutely guarantee Ultra-Matic to outlast conventional gear oils 5 to 1.

Ultra-Matic is available in 48 pound containers. At Superior Industries, we want to meet all your synthetic gear oil needs – that’s why we sell Ultra-Matic in a custom blended formula from 50W to 250W that meets SAE and ISO specs. This reliable oil complies with AGMA standards where OEM oils require the proper equivalent.

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