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Cryogenic Hydraulic Oil



  • Synthetic Cryogenic Oil
  • Very Wide Application Temperature Range Can Handle Greater Loads Under All Conditions
  • USDA Approved H2  

SCH #60 is a synthetic low temperature hydraulic oil that was created especially for long-lasting oxidation resistance against sludging. Formulated with the finest ingredients available, this oil offers superior lubrication characteristics. SCH #60 meets the needs of systems that operate over very wide temperature ranges, as it offers a very wide application temperature range of -110°F (-78°C) to 300°F (148°C). SCH #60 offers low pour points and doesn’t congeal. It reduces friction and is able to prevent wear and tear on even the most delicate hydraulic elements. SCH #60 is designed for use in stationary hydraulic or outdoor mobile systems, such as snow plow cylinders, auto transporter cylinders, wheel chair lifts, dock levers, outside cardboard compacters, hydraulic bulk bunk feeder trucks, boom trucks, liftgates, and more. 


• Snow Plow Cylinders
• Auto Transporter Cylinders
• Wheel Chair Lifts
• Dock Levers
• Outside Cardboard Compacters
• Hydraulic Bulk Bunk Feeder Trucks
• Boom Trucks
• Liftgates

Non-Foaming | Low Pour Points | High Viscosity Index

Compatible With all Gaskets, Seals, & “O” Rings

SCH #60 offers all weather efficiency, working at peak performance even in very low or extremely elevated temperature operating conditions. SCH #60 offers a high V.I. (Viscosity Index) – giving it stable, uniform viscosity even at exceptionally cold and hot temperatures. Unlike other hydraulic oils, SCH #60 does not get thick as it reaches extreme cold temperatures, and thus is not hindered from doing its job as a superior lubricant. This synthetic oil also does not experience significant thinning or leakage at elevated temperatures. The result of these characteristics is an oil that allows the hydraulic system to perform in a uniform manner all year long – regardless of temperature changes – and without requiring seasonal oil changes.

Does Not Thicken At Cold Temps Or Thin & Leak At Elevated Temps

No Seasonal Oil Changes Required

SCH #60 is ideal for use in sub-zero operating conditions. This low temperature hydraulic oil offers a pour point of -100°F (-84°C) and a demulsibility at 180°F (82°C) of 40/40/0 (15). Because of its lubrication qualities and low pour points, SCH #60 can handle greater loads under all conditions. This hydraulic fluid can also be used as a lubricant wherever increase in torque due to thickening lubricant is undesirable. Usage as a lubricant is recommended in fine instruments and other limited power mechanisms. SCH #60 is non-foaming and is compatible with all gaskets, seals, and “O” rings 

Available In 48 Lb & 120 Lb Containers

Synthetic oils, such as SCH #60, are able to exceed the performance limitations of mineral oils. Some of the great advantages of synthetic oils include: improved viscosity-temperature behavior, improved low temperature properties, lower evaporation losses, improved thermal and oxidation resistance, and lower tendency to form residues. In this case, SCH #60 synthetic oil is able to withstand wide temperature variations without losing any of its superior lubricating abilities. Using a superior low temperature hydraulic oil such as SCH #60 help prevent wear and tear, such as metal fatigue and break-downs, thus preempting expensive repair costs and the labor, downtime, and financial strain associated therewith. By reducing friction, SCH #60 helps minimalize energy requirements, which lowers the cost of electric power. And when friction goes down, component life goes up.

SCH #60 is available in both 48 Lb and 120 Lb containers. 

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