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Non-Toxic / Food Grade Gear Oil

NTG 401


♦ NSF / H1 Approved
♦ Available Viscosities from S75 to S250 
♦ Temperatures From -20°F (-28°C) to 465°F (240°C)

NTG 401 is a top of the line synthetic food grade gear oil that is USDA approved and excellent for use in extreme pressure conditions. NTG 401 is non-toxic and appears as a water white fluid that is both tasteless and odorless. Formulated with the finest ingredients available, this oil offers superior lubrication characteristics and meets the needs of systems that operate over a very wide temperature range (from -20°F/-28°C to 465°F/240°C). Offering excellent film strength, this non-toxic gear oil holds on tight and doesn’t fail under pressure.

You won’t have to be concerned about contamination when you apply this tenacious food grade gear oil. Because it meets all FDA requirements for white mineral oils (FDA Regulation 21 CFR 172.878), NTG 401 holds a USDA H-1 rating and can be applied where there may be incidental contact with food (as specified in 21 CFR 178.3570).

NTG 401 functions as an excellent non-toxic gear oil in numerous applications, so you can simplify your inventory by ultilizing this one multi-use product. Thanks to its specially compounded blend of USP fluid treated with synthetic compounds, NTG 401 works effectively in all varieties of enclosed gear mechanisms. It is excellent for use in poultry plants, meat plants, bakeries, and all other food packaging and processing plants.

Use On All Varieties of Enclosed Gear Mechanisms: Bevel Gears ♦ Spiral Gears ♦ Spur Gears ♦ Herringbone Gears ♦ Hypoid Gears

Use In: Poultry Plants ♦ Meat Plants ♦ Bakeries ♦ Food Packaging Plants ♦ Food Processing Plants

NTG 401 is an anti-wear synthetic lubricant that works to reduce friction and resultant wear and tear. It also has superior anti-leak and anti-foam properties. This multi-purpose gear lubricant is formulated with a matchless food grade polymer that gives it a high level of adhesiveness and tackiness, producing a tenacious lubricant film.

Maintaining superior film thickness on gear teeth, NTG 401 exhibits non-newtonian behavior which reduces friction and reduced wear. Applying this high quality non-toxic gear oil helps prevent metal fatigue and breakdowns, thus preempting expensive repair costs and associated labor and downtime. By reducing friction, NTG 401 also minimizes amperage consumption and lowers the cost of electricity. And when friction goes down, resultant frictional heat is also reduced, serving to increase component life.

This top notch food grade gear oil holds a USDA “H-1” rating for incidental food contact in poultry plants and meat plants. All additives used in the making of NTG 401 also meet the requirements outlined by Regulation 21 CFR 178.3570. NTG 401 is available in 48 Lb containers and can be purchased in viscosities from S75 to S250.

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