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Non-Toxic Extreme Temperature Chain Oil

Centra Plex 500


-10°F (-23°C) to 1015°F (546°C)

- Created For High Temperature Equipment
- Non-Toxic Food Grade Chain Oil
- Does Not Contain Silicone
- High Viscosity Index
- USDA Approved

Created from the finest synthetic base stock and additives systems available, this extreme temperature chain oil was formulated for outstanding performance in severe high temperature applications. Centra Plex 500 was made especially for high temperature equipment, such as oven chains, tenter frames, paint ceramic curing ovens, and bearing lubrication. This synthetic high temperature lubricant has a high viscosity index, which means that functional viscosities can be maintained even at the highest temperatures.

Centra Plex 500 has a wide, high application temperature range of -10°F (-23°C) to 1015°F (546°C). Centra Plex 500 is ideal for use in drying ovens when applied to hot conveyor chains, and is excellent for use in manufacturing operations that produce particleboard, textiles, plastics, and fibreglass insulation.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a USDA approved, “H-1” rated chain oil that can be used in ovens and other extreme high temperature environments, look no further. This non-toxic food grade chain oil is clear in color, bland in odor, and safe to apply wherever incidental contact with food may occur. You can use Central Plex 500 in food safe settings such as bakeries, poultry plants, meat plants, slaughter houses, canneries, bottlers, breweries, wineries, and other food packaging and processing facilities. This food grade chain oil safely and effectively lubricates hot chains without putting product purity at risk. Its H-1 classification means incidental contact is acceptable in clean environment industries, making it a top choice for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing/packaging and cosmetic industry applications as well.

Uses: Oven Chains Tenter Frames Paint Ceramic Curing Ovens Bearing Lubrication

Use In: Food Packagaing and Processing Plants Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Industry Particleboard Manufacturing Textile Manufacturing Plastics Manufacturing Fibreglass Insulation Manufacturing

  • Superior High Temp Oxidation & Thermal Stability
  • Very Low Volatility
  • Excellent Anti-Wear Properties
  • Eliminates Carbon Build-Up

Centra Plex 500 offers superior high temperature oxidation and thermal stability which results in a lubricant that lasts longer. It also has excellent anti-wear properties that reduce drag, and when wear is lessened, downtime due to repairs is decreased and the cost of maintenance is reduced. Furthermore, because of Centra Plex 500’s very low volatility, less oil consumption occurs. This extreme temperature chain oil saves you money at almost every turn – even the consumption of energy is lowered when using Centra Plex 500.

Conventional chain lubricants can’t compare with Centra Plex 500, and synthetic oils, such as this one, are able to exceed the performance limitations of mineral oils. Some of the great advantages of synthetic oils include: improved viscosity-temperature behavior, lower evaporation losses, improved thermal and oxidation resistance, and lower tendency to form residues.

In this case, Centra Plex 500 synthetic oil offers much better reduction of carbon build-ups than mineral oil offers, and it does not contain silicone, so no contamination from silicone can occur. In fact, carbon buildup is actually eliminated when you use Centra Plex 500, so you won’t need to worry about sludge and carbon deposits. Not only does it disallow sludge and carbon to accumulate, Centra Plex 500 actually removes prior carbon deposits that may be still lingering on the chain. Thus, cleaning intervals are extended, which saves on labor costs and results in heightened productivity.

Available In 48 Lb & 120 Lb Containers

Centra Plex is available in both 48 Lb and 120 Lb containers. Centra Plex has an ISO Viscosity Grade of 1500 and a Viscosity Index of 161. With a flash point of 1440°F (310°C) and a fire point of 920°F (415°C), Centra Plex 500 is excellently prepared for severe temperature applications. This extreme temperature chain oil has an evaporation loss % of 0.10 (at 22 hours at 210°F, 98.9°C) and its USDA Classification is H-1.

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