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Tech Data



Product Attributes:

Si-123 is a field proven, heavy duty, high temperature, synthetic multi-purpose grease designed for multi-use plant wide application. Si-123 has superior high temperature oxidation and thermal stability, enabling long lubricant life. Furthermore, the newer homogenization process stabilizes the base grease compound, which improves the lubricating ability at high temperatures.

Si-123 cannot be extruded from lubricating interface areas by sudden shock loads and extreme pressures. It extends lubrication intervals resulting in less grease consumption, less downtime, and lowered maintenance cost. Si-123 will plate out a metallic film onto all metal working parts immediately for excellent anti-seize properties.

Typical Characteristics


Lubricant Multi-purpose synthetic
Packaging Standard cartridges or 48 lb containers
For Use In Plain bearings, anti-friction bearings, grease-lubricated bearings, and couplings
Application methods Hand grease gun, central lube system, etc
Corrosion Resistance Excellent
Salt resistance Excellent
Burnishing Period Not required
Temperature Range -29°F – 605°F Constant; to 690°F Intermittent
Appearance Red, smooth
Odor Bland
USDA Rating H-2
Solids MOS2
Purge Existing Grease Not required
Contains Clay-based Thickeners No
Flash Point 448-550°F / 231-288°C
Flammability Slight
Toxicity Non-toxic
Solubility Insoluble in water; solubility in hydrocarbon solvents
Specific Gravity 0.88 - 0.89
Viscosity 46 cSt @ 100°C
Percent Volatile (by Volume) N/A
Stability Stable
Incompatibility Strong oxidizing agents: chlorates, nitrates, peroxides
Safety Measures Avoid prolonged or repeated inhalation. Do not use in high pressure systems near flames, sparks or hot surfaces. Use in a well ventilated area.


NLGI Grade 1-2-3 ASTM D-1092
Worked Penetration 265-295 ASTM D-217
Dropping Point None ASTM D-2265
Oxidation Stability,  psi drop @ 100 hrs -1 ASTM D-942
Rust Preventative, No Stain 1 a ASTM D-1743
Water Washout .5 ASTM D-1264
Extreme Pressure, Timken OK Load Kg (Lb) 36+ (80) ASTM D-2509
Four Ball Wear .5mm ASTM D-2266